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Judge for Yourselves
Posted On 10/14/2008 20:24:11 by kdr22

“And why do you not judge for yourselves what is right?” –Luke 12:57 (RSV)

There are many — both inside and outside the church — that are confused when it comes to discerning what is right and wrong. Many error on the side that “Christians” are not to judge anyone or anything. Why? Usually it... Read More

I Need Help! (I'm Donating Books)
Posted On 10/10/2008 20:04:03 by BibleRhymes

I have books to donate.

A LOT of them. I have about 4000 BibleRhymes' Noah and the Ark books that need to get into children's hands.

The binding on the books wasn't done as I contracted for so there is a small, not too noticeable defect. But since there is a defect I won't sell the books.

So now I need to donate the books to get them into the hands of children that will appreciate them.

That's where you guys can help out. If someone out there knows of a quality ins... Read More

Posted On 10/08/2008 20:09:14 by Aimee

Posted On 10/08/2008 05:33:06 by kdr22

“You know that time can change me, but I can’t change time.”
(From the song, Changes, by David Bowie.)

A lot of things have changed since you and I came into the world – changes both within and without. And it is interesting to note that the older we get, the more resistant we are to change. When we are young, we seek to change the world. We are always on the lookout for fresh, new, innovative ideas and ways of living, being, and doing things. Bu... Read More

Attraction VS Promotion
Posted On 10/04/2008 19:35:49 by kdr22

In a discussion about sharing Christ with others, one person had this to say…

"But I can see now that I'm very little help if somebody comes up to me and asks me questions about god or Jesus Christ. I can certainly witness and share my testimony, but unless I've got a Bible right there (and unfortunately, my Bibles are all right here by the computer -- note to self: keep a Bible in the van), I can't tell th... Read More

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