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How to increase your faith and maintain your healing
Posted On 06/18/2009 00:50:15 by reesrach

You can increase your faith for your healing by:


·          Studying the word and reading the bible.

... Read More

I Will Praise You In This Storm
Posted On 06/12/2009 19:18:01 by Britain

I know this is a long note. I started writing and got carried away. I really encourage you guys to read this even though it is long.

Storms happen. Pain comes and pain goes. Somewhere in this world that we live in, there is a fight that is happening between good and evil, light and darkness. Right now, this very second, as you read these words, bullets are flying, soldiers in other countrys are dying while trying to protect your freedom. Somewhere, light is fighting against darkness, a... Read More

god said don't worry
Posted On 06/09/2009 06:55:35 by psalmstrist

GOD has kept me here (in this position) for a reason:

I survived because HE has an awesome plan for me.

All my bad supervisors, (he has moved) the bad management choices (he's currently working on) don't give up!

The death of loved ones , the back stabbing from my co-workers (NO weapon formed against me, shall prosper - I'm NOT even worried).

The negative thoughts or the lack of executive support; I made it and continue to make it be... Read More

Posted On 06/08/2009 22:33:48 by psalmstrist


The father, a well digger, strong was he,

And as loving and kind as a father could be.

And Mary his daughter, Just five years old,

Was very much dearer than millions in gold.

To Mary her father was big, grand and nice,

So each had a treasure, beyond any price.

One day to the well, little Mary was sent

To take daddy's lunch, how gladly she went.

But when she looked down, not a thing could be seen.

The... Read More

God Is Always There
Posted On 06/07/2009 21:42:45 by HappyAvis

God Is Always There 

"Why, O Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?" - Psalm 10:1

Have you ever felt like God wasn't there when you needed Him the most? That when you needed His protection, His strength and comfort, He suddenly disappeared without a trace?
I have. My friends and family have. Hundreds, thousands, millions,billions of people have, even those who do... Read More

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