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HELL: The Gospel of Fear
Posted On 08/21/2008 22:23:10 by PastorZomok

The burning Hell doctrine is nothing more than a Gospel of Fear, and is rooted in Platonic dualism, which in turn goes back to the lies of the serpent in Eden! A philosophical turning point probably came in with the use of the Greek language and some Grecian influence, just prior to the start of the Christian era..

Our word Hell is in the KJV Bible 53 times. ... Read More

Lies of the Serpent: natural immortality, a burning Hell...
Posted On 08/19/2008 01:42:48 by PastorZomok

I am concerned about the prevalence of both false doctrines and counterfeit revivals and these being treated as orthodox.  We need to have many reformations in many churches!  Where does false doctrine come from and who first started it?  Well I think the Bible gives a few hints with the saga of Adam and Eve. If we go back to Genesis chapter 2 we see God giving Adam correct doctrine. Verse 17 says,

... Read More

Jesus calls Lazarus out of the tomb
Posted On 08/13/2008 19:41:07 by PastorZomok

The resurrection of Lazarus by the Master was a great scene in Jesus of Nazareth, a film directed by Zeffirelli.  One can only imagine that the actual event must have been an event seen by many!  Jesus identified himself as the "Resurrection and the Life", or as the one that raises the dead.  Some day Jesus will raise all the dead!  Recently someone asked me about the whereabouts of the soul of Lazarus while dead.  I indicated that it was in the grave.  As Je... Read More

"the church is full of Hypocrites"
Posted On 07/15/2008 20:35:57 by PastorZomok

I sometimes hear this plaintive moan about the churches. It sometimes sounds like this, "Wah, the church is full of Hypocrites..wah, wah boo hoo..."  Is it really true or are they mixing the generic term Sinner up with hypocrite? A Hypocrite is someone who acts goody goody in church and looks down their nose at others, but when nobody is watching they are doing all sorts of sinful things.  Hypocrites are sinners, and so are liars and gluttons.  Thieves are also sinners as well... Read More

Questions comonly asked and my own ideas
Posted On 06/30/2008 22:18:19 by darkness_n_light

These questions area known as "Questions of the Heart and Soul" or they could be known as something else. oh well (>^.^<) Most of them are often asked and their answers vary from person to person because we all share a different view in the matter. In other words no ones answers are right or wrong. Anyways here they are:
               1. Are Heaven and Hell really there?
        ... Read More

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