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The Heavenly Church.
Posted On 07/15/2016 20:46:30 by ChristnMe


I want to tell you that this original Heavenly church had it share of squabbles among its rank and it and the new Heavenly church was and will not be respectively, just Glorious orations of Praises, Worship and parades of beings clothed in white, all moving, dancing and jumping from cloud to cloud in unison. On the contrary that very picture by many well meaning theologist was incomplete and really too surrealistic to be of any true foundation for a... Read More

Peter Church
Posted On 07/13/2016 19:33:51 by ChristnMe

As a key founder of the early Judea-Christian church, Peter like all the new birth followers of Christ had to leave their present, make it their past and step into the new role and future of being carriers of the good news, of demonstrating a renewed mind and a new outlook for the future. Just like Abram who became Abraham, so did Simon become Peter signifying a new beginning, of old things, passed away and a new purpose for life. Thus, Peter became the first churchman. Jesus made him so and... Read More

The Church fight.
Posted On 07/10/2016 00:32:54 by ChristnMe


Christians need to come to this realization that we are not living in the first two arenas but are in the third moving onto the fourth arena which is the complete vanquishing of the enemy and placing the seat of God which is the New Jerusalem - Rev. 21:21. The enemy is on the run! This is why satan is referred to as a “roaring lion looking to see who he can devour” - 1 Pet. 5:8. He is desperate. No one in a position of strength runs around like... Read More

Church Colors
Posted On 07/07/2016 03:01:32 by ChristnMe


Today’s church leaders (pastors) frown on their membership moving from one church to another. They have no right do this. Now, I am not advocating that members move from church to church as if it was a food sampling blitz that many of us do during supermarket shopping especially at those wholesale establishments. No, the church needs its body but never at the expense of being feed. Many churches have become nothing more that another organiz... Read More

Church Phews
Posted On 07/02/2016 14:03:43 by ChristnMe


Going to church is not about compliance or just responsibility. Yes, some churches surely do not inspire us nor does the pastor or minister. They at times can be boring and always seem to have their hands out for more of your time, efforts and money. Let's face it, the average church, tends just to be that - average and in some ways treated more like a business rather than the citadel of God. This is because the Body of Christ has not... Read More

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