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On the Field
Posted On 08/31/2008 14:43:39 by baseballdude352


I go to a Christian school where football is our main sport and we have the chance to witness with the teams that we play and how we play. I play football and when we play we prepare to win but we also know that we may be the only Christians that our other team come in contact with so we always play for God. I will be adding to this blog "On the Field" as often as I can so I can share with you how Football and christianity relate. Thats all for now. Colosians 2:23.


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Blacklisted: Christianity, Goths and Christian Goths.
Posted On 07/23/2008 17:26:13 by DoctorRaven



Blacklisted: Christianity, Goths and Christian Goths.


Here’s the l... Read More

The Mayflower Compact
Posted On 07/15/2008 13:16:40 by PastorZomok

We must not forget our Heritage.  Our ancestors came to this land to escape tyrants and persecution.  We have to go back and review what many of them wrote and said.  My own Mayflower ancestor William Bradford was the primary author of the wonderful Mayflower Compact. It is a document that should be framed and in everyones home.  I don't say this because I'm an actual descendant of Bradford (13 generations), but because of the hardship he/t... Read More

Posted On 07/01/2008 19:32:34 by koolchristiangal

If it only took one person to change the world, like charles darwin, then if there are so many christians, why is our religion, the one true one, at a standstill?

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The City of God, by Augustine
Posted On 06/26/2008 17:47:44 by PastorZomok

One does not have to agree with the works of Saint Augustine on every point to appreciate the grandeur of his literature.  I want my fellow believers to learn and learn to think.  The various works of Augustine are good for this purpose.  A cousin of mine is a parent that homeschools a 13 year old, and she asked me to suggest literature to have her son read and study.  I told her to examine the Bible more deeply and suggested the book of Eccles... Read More

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