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Romans Road Rubbed Me Wrong
Posted On 10/17/2010 01:07:18 by janellea

Is the Romans Road the only way to God?  Read more and tell me what you think! http://ohio.webfactional.com/faith_folly/romans-road-ru bbed-me-wrong/

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Christians want wine?
Posted On 10/17/2010 01:03:30 by janellea

Want wine?  Well!  Jesus didn't turn water into better water.  Read more and tell me what you think!  http://ohio.webfactional.com/faith_folly/christians-wan t-wine/

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Fix it on our hearts – God’s word, not the index
Posted On 10/17/2010 00:42:50 by janellea

God wants us to memorize His word.  But what about this example of a woman who's quoting scripture for show?  Read more and tell me what you think! http://ohio.webfactional.com/faith_folly/fix-it-on-our- hearts-%e2%80%93-god%e2%80%99s -word-not-the-index/

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Misrepresenting: God’s Abraham and Abraham’s God
Posted On 10/17/2010 00:27:16 by janellea

Did God gussy up these Bible characters?  Or are we doing it ourselves?  Read more and let me know what you think! http://ohio.webfactional.com/faith_folly/misrepresentin g-god%e2%80%99s-abraham-and-ab raham%e2%80%99s-god/


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What'll God Do About It?
Posted On 10/16/2010 22:00:10 by janellea

Recently I’ve noticed that although my prayers change, the answers have begun to have a common refrain. A response goes something like this:

Step one: Get busy and get out of the way.

Step two: See God.

So, God, what will be your step two in my life today?

Janellea: see step one.

read on!  http://ohio.webfactional.com/faith_folly/what%e2%80%99l l-god-do-about-it/#comment-26

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