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When God Moves.
Posted On 01/19/2014 20:48:29 by edwardorta

God has moved in and through the lives of normal men and woman, he has used them to perform miracles, signs and wonders.  God used such people as the Apostles of the early church and Charles Harrison Mason, He also used the many men and woman who worked Miraculous healings during the Tent Revival era.  God's Power is Alive and Well and he wants to use you in a Miraculous way.

Mark 16:17-18
And the... Read More

Freedom from Sin
Posted On 01/18/2014 21:10:08 by edwardorta

Jesus Christ came to set the captives free.  God sent Jesus Christ, so that our relationship with God can be restored.  Jesus Christ is our example, his life taught us that we can live our life for God, a life free from sin.  We no longer have to be in bondage to sin.  We don't need to be miserable, we can be free and happy, we can live for God, God's way, the Bible way.

Romans 6:14
For sin shall not hav... Read More

God has put this Burden on My Heart, What Burden Burns in Your Heart?
Posted On 01/12/2014 16:03:11 by edwardorta

God has put a burden on my Heart to Put God 1st and to Help Others realize that God Must be Absolutely 1st in our lives.  God must become 1st above Me, My Wife, My Children, My Family, My Community, My City, My State, My Country and even this Planet and this Universe.  God must be 1st in Ministry, In Church, In Sunday School and in Every Program and Function That goes on in God's House.  Every Program must be God Centered, God implemented, God Ordained, God Breathed, God Lead a... Read More

Did you hear from God?
Posted On 01/12/2014 00:56:55 by edwardorta

Before you married your spouse did you seek God, did you wait to see what they were about and did you discuss the important issues like Religion, Child rearing, finances and responsibilities?  Did you Pray and ask God if this is the person for you or did you just jump in head first?  Did you seek per-marital counseling, or the advice of someone who has a successful long term marriage or did you seek the counsel from someone who would tell you what you wanted to hear?

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Modern Day Prayer Fleece.
Posted On 01/12/2014 00:54:23 by edwardorta

In the old testament Gideon used a fleece to gain confirmation from God, as you read the story below it will become clear to you.  Gideon asked God to give him a confirmation; he believed in his heart that God was going to use him to rescue the Children of Israel.  He needed to be sure he was hearing from God, so he humbly asked God to give him a specific sign so he would know it was God.

Judges 6:36 - 40
  Then Gideon said to God, "You say that you have... Read More

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