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Posted On 05/16/2014 11:36:10 by valentinalovesjesus

Hi everyone, 

My name's Valentina Moza. I'm a self-produced musician who writes original music. I do the programming/composition/arrang ement/lyrics and vocals for professional, high quality and inspirational Gospel/Christian/Dance/Electro nic music.

To purchase my gospel music visit:

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God has an unstoppable, unalterable plan for you life.
Posted On 02/08/2014 18:17:28 by edwardorta

God has a plan for your life that cannot be altered, changed or stopped.  The Devil cannot stop it, neither can any Demon.  Your enemies, friends, family, color or social status cannot alter the plans God has for your life.  If God has given you a dream or a vision for your life he will bring it to pass and nothing can stop it.   What God has set in motion will come to pass in your life.

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What happened to Integrity?
Posted On 01/22/2014 16:11:47 by edwardorta

There was a time when A Man's word was his bond and his reputation was more precious then Gold.  There was a time when a Man's word was enough to enter into a contract.  Men would seal contracts with a hand shake.  Our names, reputation and honor were of Great Value to us.  One of the things I respected about the character "Don Corleone" of the "Godfather" by "Mario Puzo" is that When the "Don" said something everyone knew it was a done... Read More

When God Moves.
Posted On 01/19/2014 20:48:29 by edwardorta

God has moved in and through the lives of normal men and woman, he has used them to perform miracles, signs and wonders.  God used such people as the Apostles of the early church and Charles Harrison Mason, He also used the many men and woman who worked Miraculous healings during the Tent Revival era.  God's Power is Alive and Well and he wants to use you in a Miraculous way.

Mark 16:17-18
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Freedom from Sin
Posted On 01/18/2014 21:10:08 by edwardorta

Jesus Christ came to set the captives free.  God sent Jesus Christ, so that our relationship with God can be restored.  Jesus Christ is our example, his life taught us that we can live our life for God, a life free from sin.  We no longer have to be in bondage to sin.  We don't need to be miserable, we can be free and happy, we can live for God, God's way, the Bible way.

Romans 6:14
For sin shall not hav... Read More

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