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God ain’t anonymous.
Posted On 05/25/2016 20:00:20 by ChristnMe


“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous”; is a popular quote used by many of the Faith especially those who are responsible for the church. This is nothing more than a religious and traditional concept that has been secreted into the Faith by people. Is God a prankster, a joker looking to tease and take those He loves and want to save (given the stakes) down a path of unclear ideals and notions of not just Himself but His integrity. Sur... Read More

Healing Relationships through Forgiveness: Accepting the Consequences -...
Posted On 06/22/2014 23:24:30 by donjonesphdcpc

Imagine yourself playing video games on a controller. You look at clock and gasp. You cry out in your mind, "Oh no, I forgot to pick up my son at play practice. He's going to be so angry. I came into the family room to get my keys to pick up my son, when I saw he had left his video game on. I had a couple of minutes and thought, 'Let's see what this is all about.' Suddenly, minutes turned into an hour and I forgot to pick up my son. Now I'm in trouble. But I don't care. That... Read More

Healing Relationships through Forgiveness: Making Restitution - Part 7
Posted On 06/22/2014 23:23:17 by donjonesphdcpc

Imagine yourself mopping the the floor and saying in your min, "This is difficult. I never realized how hard housework is. Yesterday, was house-cleaning day for my wife (husband) and I. To be honest, I really didn't want to clean up. So I got up late and took a really long time to get going, but that didn't work. Then we got into an argument. It wasn't long before the conviction of the Holy Spirit came. First I went to God and asked for His forgiveness, then I went to my wif... Read More

Healing Relationships through Forgiveness: Gently Confronting Sin - Part 9
Posted On 06/22/2014 23:17:03 by donjonesphdcpc

Imagine yourself really upset and angry holding a torn shirt. You think to yourself, "I have had it with neighbor! Every time we get into a discussion it turns ugly. No more arguments about who is the best baseball player who ever lived. We both got mad, I threw a soda in his face, and he ripped my shirt. I'm going over there right now and I'm going to give him trouble for ruining my shirt. Wait! I can't do that. It will ruin my relationship with him. He's my neighbor and a... Read More

Book Review: Politics According to the Bible
Posted On 05/23/2014 14:28:16 by PastorZomok

This is a library checkout. Mr. Grudem is a prolific writer. He earlier produced a Systematic Theology.  This newer book seems to be a companion to his earlier work and has similar design and size.  It is 619 pag... Read More

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