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Church Colors
Posted On 07/07/2016 03:01:32 by ChristnMe


Today’s church leaders (pastors) frown on their membership moving from one church to another. They have no right do this. Now, I am not advocating that members move from church to church as if it was a food sampling blitz that many of us do during supermarket shopping especially at those wholesale establishments. No, the church needs its body but never at the expense of being feed. Many churches have become nothing more that another organiz... Read More

The alive Church
Posted On 06/29/2016 19:32:28 by ChristnMe

Can we today boast of such things that these early churches lived to die for? It is true to say that today’s churches are as radical for Christ’s cause as before. Only the body of Christ for each church can truly answer that. It is the body that is the church and when the early apostles started them, they were dynamic, led by the Holy Spirit and made radical changes in people’s lives. It was beautiful and simple. New believers or converts were asked to accept three prime pillars. The fi... Read More

Book Review: Victory of Reason, by Rodney Stark
Posted On 06/22/2016 07:10:27 by PastorZomok

God ain’t anonymous.
Posted On 05/25/2016 20:00:20 by ChristnMe


“Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous”; is a popular quote used by many of the Faith especially those who are responsible for the church. This is nothing more than a religious and traditional concept that has been secreted into the Faith by people. Is God a prankster, a joker looking to tease and take those He loves and want to save (given the stakes) down a path of unclear ideals and notions of not just Himself but His integrity. Sur... Read More

Is God Mad At Me ?
Posted On 06/30/2014 02:06:08 by purebobby

Psalms 30:5 ... for his anger endureth but a moment ; in his favour is life:

The caricature I chose to put in this blog message is not unusual.  Millions of people have buried lost loved one's and will continue to do so , until the end of time as we know it.  My wife and I have sat down and tasted the bitter tears of losing a child our selves. The first reactio... Read More

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