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Posted On 07/28/2008 20:46:20 by BibleRhymes

I LOVE YOU!! In case you haven't heard it enough lately ... I love you.

Life's short (the one on earth anyway). So when I feel good things I'm going to share them as fast as I can. I figure I better take advantage while I can.

And I've been receiving so many good feelings from so many people lately that I'm bubbling over with extra .... love.

If I had a big paint-brush I'd color the whole world with the extra love.

Instead I'll just type...

B... Read More

Children of the damned?
Posted On 07/24/2008 10:19:48 by DoctorRaven

Children of the Damned..


So questions seem to have arisen about my headline statement “God Bless the Children of the Damned”. 


Since I’ve gotten a number of comments on this and a number of e-mails.  I’ll blog about... Read More

The AntiChrist: delusions?
Posted On 07/24/2008 04:53:43 by PastorZomok

Today we hear much about a supposed "antiChrist" that is to appear on the world stage and soon.  Some of the talk of this supposed evil one has led to much speculation. I seen this one movie titled, Desecration.  In this movie actor Michael York plays Nicolae Carpathia, who is the AntiChrist.  He enters the temple in Jerusalem  and declares himself God, and is eventually destroyed.  I considered the movie just a bunch of foolishness.  Some of this same genre is found in the "Left Behind... Read More

Blacklisted: Christianity, Goths and Christian Goths.
Posted On 07/23/2008 17:26:13 by DoctorRaven



Blacklisted: Christianity, Goths and Christian Goths.


Here’s the l... Read More

Some brief book reviews
Posted On 07/22/2008 10:42:12 by PastorZomok

Even though I have had the internet in my home ten years now and also have my own library I still check out books from the local libraries.  And sometimes I like to give short reviews of these books.  Some are garbage and some are good. Lets look at two of them:

*Who on Earth Was Jesus? by David Boulton.  This book is one of those which tries to place the New Testament documents late and babbles on about the mysterious Q tradition.  The author is not a Christian.&nb... Read More

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