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Religious spirit Rebuked
Posted On 09/13/2008 10:28:56 by NEW_CREATION

Religious Spirit Rebuked

There is a spirit of religion that has infiltrated our society and it needs to be addressed by the Authority of God. This religious spirit is faithful going to church, and chur... Read More

Welcome Fellow Soldiers of Christ
Posted On 09/03/2008 13:59:14 by socoministries

Hello everyone,

I thought it was about time that I stepped up to the next level and got a blog going for this group. I have had so much happen in the last two weeks regarding SOCOM, I know I needed to start getting the word out.

So bear with me as I get this up and running the way I know it needs to be.

Well, besides our new page on blogger.com, I was able to post the same message on our home site and myspace.com! So now if you decide to join in and add your own comm... Read More

Steps to Christ, by Ellen G. White
Posted On 09/01/2008 04:50:37 by PastorZomok

 Regardless of your view of Ellen G. White (1827-1915), one of the founders of the 7th Day Adventist Church, her book, Steps to Christ, is an excellent little volume.  It has been published in over 100 languages and has sold more than 15 million copies since its first edition in 1892. I have studied it and have not seen anything in it that one could deem cultic.  It seems to be well wrote and easy to digest.

The... Read More

On the Field
Posted On 08/31/2008 14:43:39 by baseballdude352


I go to a Christian school where football is our main sport and we have the chance to witness with the teams that we play and how we play. I play football and when we play we prepare to win but we also know that we may be the only Christians that our other team come in contact with so we always play for God. I will be adding to this blog "On the Field" as often as I can so I can share with you how Football and Christianity relate. Thats all for now. Colosians 2:23.


... Read More

Lamb Onesie by His Gem - A Christian babywear designer
Posted On 08/31/2008 00:12:02 by Shekinah
This message is being delivered on behalf of Shekinah's   Books Bibles Music Jewelry Gifts & Decor Beauty & Health Search... Read More

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