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Posted On 08/05/2010 09:45:15 by sureclarity

Our “adopted” son’s son was hiking at Multnomath Falls in Oregon when he went missing at dark – my husband just in from work and said there has still been no word. This is a tricky landscape; very slippery & steep. And DARK even in daytime because it’s shaded.

Our son, Carl, was raised in the Word though he is not walking close with the Lord now he did ask my husband to get on the Prayer Chain before he left for Oregon.

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You'll Have to Tell Me, "Be Quiet!"
Posted On 10/14/2009 05:57:26 by BibleRhymes

I've been working night and day on projects for my company.

For a year BibleRhymes.com has been sitting pretty much stagnant. Soon it will all change. You guys will finally be able to see what our team has come up with.

Then I'll have a breath of fresh air and time to write.

And write and write and write...

It might just come to the point that you'll have to tell me, "Be quiet!"

But if I do get quiet it'll only be because I'm busy scuba-diving.
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More Story Suggestions, Pleeease!!
Posted On 08/25/2009 00:23:03 by BibleRhymes

The first nine BibleRhymes books have been written. Three have been published in hardcover format with animated online versions about to be released. The other six books are in the illustration/animation phase.

The books are for the following stories: Creation, Noah, Christmas, David and Goliath, Joseph and the Coat of Colors, Samson, Jonah, Zacchaeus and finally Caleb and Joshua.

There are other stories I've began toying around with but what I want to write really is driven... Read More

Prayers, Prayers, Prayers...
Posted On 08/20/2009 23:30:19 by BibleRhymes

Okay, now that you’ve read this far I’ll repeat the “subject” of this blog.

Prayers, prayers, prayers…

Now, if you will, re-read that last line a few times.

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Parents and Bedtime Reading
Posted On 07/31/2009 04:08:56 by BibleRhymes

Today I sat awash in nostalgia. After the feeling subsided a bit I called my parents and told them thank you.

Parents quite obviously have the opportunity to make an enormous impact on their children's lives. My parents took that opportunity and left me with a myriad of good memories and lessons learned. And one of the great memories of my childhood had to do with books.

I read and read and read as I was growing up. The library was my babysitter and through its books an esca... Read More

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