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BibleRhymes Launches Interactive Membership Site
Posted On 12/23/2009 23:56:13 by BibleRhymes

Bible stories for children may never be the same as BibleRhymes launches its new membership site (www.BibleRhymes.com) with interactive books, games, and more.

BibleRhymes introduced the first of its hardcover children's book series in 2007. It has since released two more books featuring vivid art and unique rhymes that showcase some of the Bible's most popular stories, including the Christmas Story. The original website not only offered samples from the books, but a great deal more f... Read More

The Bible
Posted On 12/12/2009 13:11:17 by sparrow

There are 1,220,323 and counting fans of "The Bible" group on Facebook! If you haven't checked it out yet, you're missing out on some great Christian fellowship!

... Read More

I am a Christian
Posted On 12/05/2009 18:49:42 by sparrow

Tell the whole world you're a Christian on Facebook! Join the group called "I am a Christian", post a comment, and be a witness unto the Lord for all to see!

... Read More

Why I'm Thankful...
Posted On 11/26/2009 05:47:49 by BibleRhymes

Well I've got all the normal things to be thankful for this year; friends, family, food and nice notes that come from all over the place showing me how many truly kind people are scattered about this world.

But one group of people has me very grateful this evening.

I've been listening to musical compositions put together for BibleRhymes by Michael McCarthy. His version of "We Three Kings" that's going into our animated, online Christmas Story is tremendous. Well, all of the musi... Read More

Want to help make a game?
Posted On 11/18/2009 09:52:43 by BibleRhymes

I'm making a "Jeopardy" type of Flash animation game to put up at BibleRhymes.com.

I have a bunch of questions with four options to pick from for the answer.

For example...

Under the category of Christmas a 300 point question is this:
------------------------------ ------
How did shepherds learn of the birth of Christ?

A - Newspapers
B - Family
C - Angels
D - Farmers

Answer = C, Angels
------------------------------ -----... Read More

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