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Letter to the Faithful - The Battle Continues !
Posted On 08/29/2016 23:41:01 by ChristnMe

I know the struggle can be heavy at times and more so as we stand in his name. Never allow the things of this world to distract us from the finish line and the eternal joy that is our rightful inheritance. As you, I need the gathering of the faithful so that with each of our small but steady light, a blaze burns to the glory of our Lord – Jesus Christ.

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Letter to the Faithful - Arise !
Posted On 07/18/2016 17:41:46 by ChristnMe

None will escape this last battle and for those who think they can avoid it are sadly mistaken. So, take up your arms, put on that breastplate and be constantly prepared to be challenged, taking ground that is rightfully yours, and with the shield of Faith; fear not for the Victory has already been won. Many will die for faint of what comes because they did not heed to strengthen and fortify their foundations for the day. So heed now!

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Posted On 09/25/2013 09:35:18 by PastorZomok

A battle Cry
Posted On 12/15/2009 21:57:50 by chillaxhere

There is a battle out there
There is a cry out there
There are lost souls out there
There is a battle of sinners and people that are saved
There is a cry out there of people that have been forgotten
There are lost souls out there of people that follow satan
When are we going to win, this battle?
When are we going to comfort those who cry?
When are we going to save those lost souls?
Let us win this battle today
Let us comfort those who cry today
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In My Mind
Posted On 10/27/2009 19:12:29 by Supergirl

In My Mind


They begin to rush over me like the Niagara Falls.

Comparing me to all the other dolls;

Nagging me like a toddler until I surrender all.

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