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Prophets of the Bible continued
Posted On 05/12/2017 20:04:49 by EllieDunn

Prophet's of the Bible Continued:

John of Patmos:  Revelation 1:

This prophet was also known as John the Revelator, John the Divine and John the Theologian,  the name that was given to the author of the Book of Revelation, of the apocalyptic text that is the form of the final chapter of the New Testament.  It is stated in Revelation that the author is called John and that he lived on the Greek Island of Patmos, where some considered him to be exiled.  I... Read More

Blessings....Good Morning!
Posted On 05/12/2017 15:51:27 by EllieDunn

Friday Blessings....Good Morning!

Prophets of the Bible continued
Posted On 05/11/2017 19:27:35 by EllieDunn

Prophet's of the Bible Continued:

Jehu:  1 Kings 16:

Jehu, the son of Hanani was a prophet according to the Hebrew Bible.  He was active in the 9th century BC.

According to the Bible:  Jehu condemned Baasha, king of Israel, "and all of is house" I1 Kings 16:7).  He accused him of leading people into the sin of idolatry like his predecessor Jeroboam.  Jehu's prophecy was fulfilled in the reign of Elah, Baasha's son, when Zimri, the traitor assa... Read More

By the Numbers.
Posted On 05/11/2017 18:25:50 by ChristnMe

There is no doubt about it, God is into numbers and they are reflective of many physical and Spiritual manifestations. God is number one stating, “I Am”; a singularity of one in every sense of the word and yet by Spirituality, there is the Holy Trinity, where the Holy Spirit and the Word, Jesus; two other entities become one with Him in unity not only in Spirit but of a Spiritual flesh, with the risen Jesus all with a single  purpose, thinking, and all Kingdom charters. Numbers are s... Read More

I Remember When...
Posted On 05/11/2017 15:24:00 by EllieDunn

I was thinking about my younger days, and I do mean younger.

There were 5 children in our family, and at this time, my youngest brother was just a baby.  My Dad was working for the railroad, doing I don't know what.  I do know that we were probably living in Oregon, since I, and my youngest bother was born there.  I in Toledo, my brother in Hillsborough.

My Dad, as I was saying, worked for the railroad.  And the railroad housed t... Read More

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