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Posted On 04/05/2006 15:47:41 by RUSSELL
Hi everyone. I just started and wanted to invite anyone to be a new friend. God bless and looking forward to meeting everyone!!!! Russell.... Read More

Newbie wewbie blogging.
Posted On 04/05/2006 05:35:47 by torn_willow
Hello all! I've been directed here thanks to my neices! lol... just trying to meet a good group of people... feel the need to mingle with better people.. if you know what I mean. Just don't feel myself is all. Any who, I am here to meet new people, make new friends, and maybe... just maybe date...(???) So yeah... sheck me out... I'm fun! lol... God bless you all! AND THANK GOD FOR THIS SPACE!
~josie... Read More

just wanted to say hello!
Posted On 04/05/2006 04:23:21 by CurlyCue
Well I just thought i'd say hello! I am still trying to figure this whole thing out..but I must say this is pretty niffty! I am diggin it!

well, today has been a alright day...boreing but alright! I must admit tonights been kinda stressful..and I did get alittle angry at work..but oh well thats how it goes! haha...

anywho..I am done boreing everyone..I am gonna try finding somthing productive to do! yay me!

talk to ya'll lata!

... Read More

Entering the Throne Room- chuck pierce
Posted On 04/05/2006 03:30:26 by Hungry4Jesus7
Chuck Pierce-entering the Throne Room
Current mood: peaceful
Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

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25 Day Prayer Focus for Boldly Entering the Throne Room
to Restore Covenant Blessings

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March 17, 2005
[... Read More

Posted On 04/05/2006 03:26:47 by your21
Okay so like all day I've been looking up RP games, cause I have no life. Okay well that's not true I have a life. I'm just doing nothing with it, lol. Anyways... I even created an Instant Star role play forum cause I haven't seen on outside The N's website. && Now I'm uber bored (hey why isn't uber on the list of Buffy Lingo? I just thought of that.) Because I finished like reading and updating all my fanfics. Oh what a lovely life. But it is - I mean I have like adoring fans. Okay so that does... Read More

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