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so wut do u think of my space?
Posted On 03/28/2006 15:50:39 by flacoguapo85
check out myspace.com/crucified

they're great. so NE more suggestions 4 this Christianspace of mine?

and how's everybody doin' 2day?

how are YOU doin' 2day?... Read More

New audio teaching-Shephard the flock of God
Posted On 03/28/2006 09:55:04 by PastorDave

If you need prayer or just want someone too talk to-please do not hesitate to send me a message at prayer@servantsofgrace.net

My new audio teaching is now out on Acts 20-Shephard the flock of God! You can listen by clicking on: http://www.servantsofgrace.net/David/Shephard%20the%20flo ck!.wma

May the Lord richly bless you.

In Him,

Pastor Dave
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Sucked into the sponge
Posted On 03/25/2006 09:17:55 by Will

Yesterday I got a new chair.

It was tight yet caressed me like a giant yellow bottomed squid. I must admit that it did take some time to get used to. At first the whole novelty of having a luscious inviting chair awaiting me to partake in the ever popular activity of relaxation was a hair rising thrill. However, I did have to adjust my body to new levels of comfort. As I sat in my new chair I was uncomfortable. Not physically uncomfortable but, dare I say, mentally uncomf... Read More

Clear the way if you want to stay safe
Posted On 03/25/2006 09:16:26 by Will
The 1973 blue sedan leapt about the road like a fat man at a buffet, making sure to hit everything possible that looked good. It seemed like the driver had no disregard for life, possession or the law as the car whapped and clapped its way down the road. The onlookers knew the driver wasn’t under the influence of anything but a noticeable terror much like the look on a rich woman’s face as a glass of red wine pinballs its way to her new white carpet.

As the smoke cleared when the ra... Read More

Clear clear summer air.
Posted On 03/25/2006 09:13:27 by Will

Three dogs jumped the fence. The first dog has a jolly good time as he cleared the distance with such ease that it looked like he was floating in a cloud pond made of mayonnaise. He jumped so far over the fence without looking back that his escape was home free. The second dog had an easy time as well, he confidently closed his eyes as he leapt into the clear clear summer air. He had jumped this fence so many times before that the thought of him smushing his wet nose into the paint cracked... Read More

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