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Posted On 04/06/2006 19:14:25 by blueangelzzz1218

Well this is my very first blog on this new site.

I just want to say thanks to one of my brothers...Destined aka ddobbeyhere on YourChristianSpace.com! He's the one that told me about this site. Mighty Man of God right there!

Plus my other brother, Duke aka da_gentleman77 is a total Man of God as well!
[BR... Read More

Thank You
Posted On 04/06/2006 19:07:31 by DianeFisher
Thank you for all the prayers, I appreciate it so very much. I do have faith that a job will come my way. The Lord will provide for me and my family. It is so nice to have "friends" even a whole "christian space" full of wonderful people that understand and it's so wonderful to know that we all have the same awesome "Father" looking over us. God Bless All of You. ... Read More

Posted On 04/06/2006 18:59:35 by Ame
I have been hurt too many times... i am scared to put myself out there again... i don't want to get hurt... i can't let myself get hurt... why do guys hurt girls? it's not right and it's not fair.... will i ever find someone that won't hurt me and someone that will love me? Someone that would be excited to see me and have me around... someone that wouldn't push me away.... someone that makes time for me.... as far as i can tell a guy like this doesn't exsist...maybe i am over looking him... mayb... Read More

Redneck Prom
Posted On 04/06/2006 18:44:09 by CountryGirl06
Did You Miss Your Prom For A Reason Or That YOu Couldnt Go Cause Of Some Lame Rule Well Heres Is YOur Chance To Have Your Own Prom!

Atten Guys & Girls
Im Thinking About Haveing A Redneck Prom One Night Soon Prob In May Or The End Of April!

A Redneck Prom Is For Girls & Guys That Didnt Get To Go To There Prom! So Were Going TO Have A Night Of Our OWn.We Dont Need A School Gym Or Cafe To Have A Prom We Can Go Danceing And Out To Eat ANd The WHole Night YArds WithOut Al... Read More

Posted On 04/06/2006 18:32:47 by prayer_angel
For those part of the Prayer Chain. This for the set time to pray for everyone.

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