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Some things you might not have known about me...
Posted On 04/12/2006 05:20:41 by cavaliers60
These are just some random facts about me that you might find interesting or whatever. lol Here we go..

1. I have had OCD all my life... and instead of being put on medication like my doctor said I should, I learned to control it.

2. I have never had a "Best friend" or "close friend" before.

3. My favorite pet is a cat!

4. I am a major car freak. haha

5. Most people see me as the "nice and quiet" kind of guy, but there is a crazy side of me...... Read More

So far in my walk with God
Posted On 04/12/2006 05:10:17 by cavaliers60
First of all, I think I should tell you the story that led me to where I am right now with my walk with God. I first eccepted God in my life when I was at my church's State Youth Convention. Like everyone else's walk, I've had my struggles... Unfortunately, I started to stray from God and eventually stopped thinking about him. Well, little did I know that God had a plan... Before I got mixed up with the "bad crowd," he introduced me to this girl named Ashley. We became good friends, and bef... Read More

The Word Behind the Music
Posted On 04/12/2006 03:36:15 by KG
Tell me what ya'll think about my cousin ok!

check out this link ok.It's also a song for the ladies too!

www.soundclick.com/taespears... Read More

What is Passion Week?
Posted On 04/12/2006 03:15:49 by thewilliamsbunch
What is Passion Week?

Passion Week is the time from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday
(Resurrection Sunday). Passion Week is described in Matthew chapters 21-27; Mark chapters 11-15; Luke chapters 19-23; and John chapters 12-19. Passion Week includes: the triumphal entry on Palm Sunday, Jesus cleansing the temple for the second time, Jesus giving His Olivet Discourse on the end times, Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples, Jesus' arrest and trials before the chief priests, Pilate, a... Read More

Posted On 04/12/2006 01:50:36 by godchild777
god bless to all those people that like to come in my page to see how it is.well yes i am a pastor daughter too my father name is pastor marcano and his wife gloria marcano the pastora they are the best i love them with all my heart alway there for me and they will alway help me when i get my up and down wchih i now you all now what that mean. god is so good all the time and all the time he is good. i thank him for taking me out from a place that i wasnt doing realy good but any way they are the... Read More

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