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Posted On 04/16/2006 15:12:51 by pete
love of life

oooh ahhh
Posted On 04/16/2006 13:38:46 by
this place rocks. more then myspace i think. lol...hopefully it will get even better too. hmmmm yay im gonna invite tons of my amigos/as soon. but i gots 2 do my hw now. adieu 4 now.
-nick... Read More

Change of plans
Posted On 04/16/2006 07:51:33 by KissTheGoldfish
I went back to L.A. looking to put away those old ghosts. So much has happened there, and as much as I love it and believe it to be my home, it's still so painful going back. There's a shadow on every corner; my screams still echoing in every alley.

I went to put that away. I thought that, if I faced it despite everything that's happening right now with my brother and Kyle and everything...that maybe, this time, I'd be fine. I'd be delivered.

Instead, I l... Read More

What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?
Posted On 04/16/2006 07:35:19 by saintmattman

This is a little long, but please read through this. You will get a better understanding of who I am and hopefully about the Truth of who Jesus is. I pray that this is encouraging to you!

I have recently asked myself this question: What does it mean to be a Christian?
After a lot of thinking, reading, and debate, I have come to some conclusions. Basically, being a Christian means that I have been justified, am being sanctified, and will be glorified. Now I know these words just seem... Read More

Musical Attack
Posted On 04/16/2006 05:53:48 by
I want to discuss music, the Bible does not say thou shalt not liteneth to secular music. The Bible does say wht ever things are good and pure and Holy, cocentrate on these things. That being said, let me bring your attention to todays music and its content. Most popular music today among pre-teens and young adults (likely through 30's) is about illicit sex and violence. The common response is "I only listen to the beat" however the human mind is amazing and powerful and will pick up and file th... Read More

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