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A Hymn For Everyone
Posted On 04/10/2006 23:39:36 by Shalom
The Dentist's Hymn...Crown Him with Many Crowns,
The Weatherman's Hymn...There Shall Be Showers of Blessings,
The Contractor's Hymn...The Church's One Foundation,
The Tailor's Hymn...Holy, Holy, Holy!
The Golfer's Hymn...There Is A Green Hill Far Away,
The Politician's Hymn...Standing on the Promises,
The Optometrist's Hymn...Open My Eyes That I Might See,
The IRA Agent's Hymn...I Surrender All,
The Gossip's Hymn...Pass It On,
The Electrician... Read More

Just writing
Posted On 04/10/2006 23:34:37 by lanajenae
Okay this is my first blog so here it goes. I am at a time in my life where I am in transition! I have left from being in a church that has about 100 members (maybe) to a church that has maybe two thousands members maybe! In my old church I was very active!!! Now in this bigger church I have to take a 3 month course because we have just joined the church. It is just telling us about the church and what they believe in dont get me wrong the church is awesome!! It so anointed and yes the presence... Read More

You can take the one I have left... but you can't take who I am... WOAH...
Posted On 04/10/2006 22:35:41 by kel
So... I'm cleaning up. And for real this time, I think. I'm sick of being somebody that always listens to everybody else, and does what they think is fun and cool, because that's not me. That's not who I have been throughout my years of growing up, so why did I even change in the first place?

I'm not going to sleep with people anymore. And I'm not going to make out with people who aren't my significant other. I'm going to go to church more, and I'm going to work on getting a Youth Group... Read More

to all my sissy's who i love soo much!!!!!
Posted On 04/10/2006 20:33:03 by holyghostfire_1987
Yes God is good.. first of all i would like to say to God be all the glory and all the honor.. He brought me out of the mirey clay and set me feet upon the rock... I am now in texas here with the sissy's who i love soo much.. who have helped me through thick and thin.. they have always stood beside me through everything i have ever went through.. Carrie i love you soo much.. your my momma and i love you more then words can say.. I love you all.. God placed everyone in my life for a time such as... Read More

People and Situations that seem so Hard
Posted On 04/10/2006 20:14:47 by Worship4Life
God's been dealing w/ me lately regarding embracing people & situations that I'd rather not have anything to do with. And in the process, I've found myself right in the heart of a "valley" . . .

Valley: a low point or interval in any process; a place that is filled w/ fear, gloom or the like; a depressed area between 2 mountains. After reading these definitions, my natural inclination gravitates toward viewing "valley" as a word w/ a negative connotation. However, God spoke life into m... Read More

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