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Posted On 04/20/2006 19:09:30 by sweetpea23
so excited for the coming month...Wyoming here i come...

Posted On 04/20/2006 18:22:38 by panhed4_life
I don't know why. I feel so bad. I just feel like crap today. I feel like I'm all alone in the world and everyone else is laughing at me. If they even give me the satisfaction of being notice it's not in a good way. I hate being at school. I only want to curl up and die there. It makes me feel so aweful and so depressed I don't want to be there anymore. And now the one guy I really like at school, seems to be not talking to me. Which really makes me sad because he always seems to cheer me up. I... Read More

In The Beginning...
Posted On 04/20/2006 18:18:48 by Double_Diamond_77
This is the beginning of my site here today...
I'd like to say hi to anyone that's stopped by to read what I've got to say.

I also have a website at myspace...here's the link:


It's mostly musical artists of different genres...
so you'll probably find some artist or group you like if you surf my friends list.

I'm looking forward to fixing up this space of mine here so that you might want to stop back again somet... Read More

Let God use you!!!!
Posted On 04/20/2006 17:39:10 by Sponkey
Keep running strong life will throw stuff but dodge those things and live for him only. Your free from the past now you have a new life. Don't ever ever ever look back. You are a new creation. A new creation with a new beginning. God wants to use you. He wants to use you. He is forming a remnant. A remnant in the Old Testament is a select person sperated or put away for a speacial use. You were put away for such a time as this. This is the time and the place. Let God use you. Don't fail the test... Read More

How was your Wendesday Service?
Posted On 04/20/2006 16:29:19 by Jonwmanofchrist

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