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How would you feel?
Posted On 04/23/2006 16:58:10 by stark
That green-eyed devil is trying to destroy me. The man that I love just doesn't seem to understand or see how much I really and truly love him. No one else has that combination to my heart (Besides God). I don't know what else to say or do to make him see how much I need, love and want him. Yes it is difficult being away from each other, but he made the decision to stop praying with me after I suggested that we still pray together. Prayer is powerful and if you believe, things will come to p... Read More

love him (a little rhymin)
Posted On 04/23/2006 12:27:46 by GodsAllstar
when u feel alone who do u blame/when things go wrong y do u complain/y do u get upset instead of changing the game/rules apply to all so do u feel lame/playin the hate card doesnt work/trying the race card ur unsure/so i say follow the one thats pure/and all things u desire u shall endure/everybody sins so wat makes me special/im special because i beleive, im special because i love him/... Read More

coming soon
Posted On 04/23/2006 02:53:03 by Cougar17
devotions coming soon...patience is required. God Bless.

how strong are you
Posted On 04/23/2006 00:56:15 by lillianlay
1.how strong are you in the lord?

2. how are you feeling?
sad, hurt, angry, and having fear

3. how would you feel if you didnt have god?
think about it for awhile.

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To the Atheist
Posted On 04/23/2006 00:23:14 by tonic4life
To the Atheist

You say there's no God,

But where is your clout?

You're so full of anger,

And so full of doubt.

So where did you come from,

Evolved from an ape?

That's only a story.

A way to escape.

You bash on the Bible.

You say it is wrong.

Your so full of hatred.

You think you are strong.

Where is your strength,

And where is you hope?

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