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Do it before its to late!!!
Posted On 04/17/2006 19:19:02 by Karina16
Are you waiting to do something wonderful in your life well the time has come. Have you prayed and asked god to call you to yank something big out of oyur that is distroying your life? Well let me tell you god is not going to answer you right away god has the time place moment that god is going to do that great thing in your life. You might get mad at god that he doent answer your prayer but there is a reason for that god has the time for that to happen for you. O and eceppt god before its to la... Read More

Posted On 04/17/2006 18:38:17 by pkbest87
Today..is a very good day! No work, no school, just sittin at home talkin to other christians on the web. I dont think the day could get much better. A no worry, care free day!

Im just in such a good mood that I had to post it!!! Any1 who hasnt already done so, please add me to your friends!!!! Peace and God Bless!

Patrick... Read More

I am so happy for the FIRST time in my life.....
Posted On 04/17/2006 17:48:05 by holyghostfire_1987
YOu know God has been so good to me.. He placed in a loving FAMILY 3 weeks ago.. I am now in Texas with the people who i love.. I have never felt so much love as i do now.. God sent Carrie, Cammie, stacie, and trish into my life and now i could never imagine my life without them... before I met them, i really didnt know what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE was.. But God put them in my path a little over 2 years ago.. and they showed me that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.. that i have never been shown.. they stood behin... Read More

There's Only One You
Posted On 04/17/2006 16:15:32 by livpalm
"From the place of His dwellig He looks on all the inhabitants of the earth; He fashions their hearts individually."Psalm 33:14-15

You are the only you God made. He made you and broke the mold...
Every single baby is a brand-new idea from the mind of God.
No one can duplicate your life. He "personally formed and made each one" (Isa. 43:7 MSG). You are it! And if you aren't you, we don't get you. The world misses out.
You are heaven's Halley's commet; we have one shot at seein... Read More

Celebrate Freedom 2oo6 is coming up on July 1st 2006.
Posted On 04/17/2006 10:04:21 by ca_ae_dc_4_jc

Just as an early reminder to those whom may be interested in going to an awesome event this summer. One that you might never forget.

94.9 KLTY / Interstate Batteries Celebrate Freedom 2oo6 is coming up on July 1st 2006.

This event host an amazing collection of Christan artist on a one day amazing event. This will be held @ South-Fork Ranch In Texas.
This is a FREE out door event & tickets can be picked up @ any Metroplex area Chick-Fil-A or care now l... Read More

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