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When asked if it's ok to have pictures & images of Jesus Christ
Posted On 04/25/2006 21:09:54 by Double_Diamond_77
This question was asked in the forum by a 12 year old girl... and I responded with the following...
Let me know how you feel about this also?

This was my response...
I believe it's ok to have a cross as a symbol of what Jesus did for us...as a logo. It represents Calvery and the Power of God and the LOVE of GOD. I don't believe it's ok to have a cross with a symbol on it representing Jesus Christ nailed to the cross. After all.... Read More

Have you ever been numb to God?
Posted On 04/25/2006 19:11:23 by kat4God
i don't know about most people but in my past i have been numb to God and his word not listening or praying i've comprimised my faith just for a little fun ... Read More

Blog Title Here
Posted On 04/25/2006 18:47:10 by orangeweezel
I decided to take some time off of myspace and AIM. Starting on Easter I didn't use it at all. That night I got in a pretty big fight with my dad and I felt horrible. Even though that talk made me feel pretty messed up, it brought some things to my attention. First of all, I needed to realize that I can't do things by myself. I've tried it and it just doesn't work. Every time I've tried to solve a problem alone, it's always failed miserably. Starting in January I'd been reading my bible everyday... Read More

Burn for You -- Toby Mac
Posted On 04/25/2006 18:22:45 by kssah_x

I was just listening to this song in the car, and i LOVE the lyrics.

I'm a brand new man.I'm a conscious man.I'm a man who's burnin'for you

The mistakes I've made have been chased away to the bottom of the ocean blue.

I'm a brand new man in a foreign land.I'm a man who's feelin'that fire.

And it's all so clear when I'm standing here at the peak of my desire.

So wont you move me like you used to.I want the world to know I burn for you.

... Read More

Jesus Loves You!
Posted On 04/25/2006 15:40:18 by samantha27

That just makes me want to praise Him everyday!

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