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Posted On 04/06/2006 19:58:36 by Telika

First day on My Space
Posted On 04/06/2006 19:57:45 by shygirl8484
Hey guys,
This is my first day on the Christian my space. Its really cool. Today has been a boring day. Not much going on. Kinda frustrated with some work. I hope to meet some great people through this website. love ya. ... Read More

the state of Gospel Music...
Posted On 04/06/2006 19:51:25 by FBCMassChoir
so, where iz Gospel Music headed?
any ideas???

is traditional losing it's tradition/

has contemporary gone too far or not far enough?

iz the goal saving souls, entertainment, providing church music or making money?

just some things 2 start us off

join my blog and let's dicuss this... Read More

are u a Minister of Music/Worship Leader ???
Posted On 04/06/2006 19:50:13 by FBCMassChoir
if this iz you, subscribe 2 my blog just for Music Ministers.
a place where we can discuss, collaborate, exchange & network
we are all one in the body of Christ. let's all fellowship and extend the word throughout the world.
let's find out how we can make our church's ministries continue to grow and thrive.
those of us that are Artists and have projects let's get to know other people that can help get your project out there to the masses.
come join me!!!!

DeHaven... Read More

Posted On 04/06/2006 19:14:25 by blueangelzzz1218

Well this is my very first blog on this new site.

I just want to say thanks to one of my brothers...Destined aka ddobbeyhere on YourChristianSpace.com! He's the one that told me about this site. Mighty Man of God right there!

Plus my other brother, Duke aka da_gentleman77 is a total Man of God as well!
[BR... Read More

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