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RIP Grandma
Posted On 04/29/2006 20:17:42 by luvablegurl17531
I loved and still do love my grandma who just recently died. She was one of the most loving, caring, truthful people you would ever find. If you needed something she'd find a way to get it for you. I can't count how many times she has blessed me. She was the one (other than God) that held my family (aunts and uncles... not mom and dad) together. She'd always encourage us to get good grades. My sister and I always made her proud. She would always say that my mother raised us right. She would alwa... Read More

Just as simple as that...
Posted On 04/29/2006 19:58:34 by blessedchild

Constant saying that is in my head. Something so simple yet so powerful. Something so SIMPLE, yet so hard for many of us to do. That was three weeks ago at Bible study when that saying stuck to me like glue. Yet I still find it hard to surrender to Him and I don't know why. My life could be so easy and care free, but yet have I to give my all to Him. He wants me to be happy and be free if I should just follow Him and let Him do all the hard work and... Read More

My Testimony
Posted On 04/29/2006 19:02:35 by doechsle
My testimony

My siblings and I were terribly abused and neglected. As a result, I, like many abused children, became extremely introverted. At eight years old, I became an agnostic. Truly. This is no joke. I decided that I wasn't going to believe anything that I was told. I had to prove everything to myself. (Given the circumstances above, I never really had a childhood.)

"God, if You're out there, make the curtain move... I didn't think so." And, "God, if You a... Read More

Posted On 04/29/2006 18:27:28 by humble
I want to encourage you who read this to pray.
Not some half hearted prayer with your mind wandering, but Heartfelt and desperate from the depths of your soul.
Pray to the God of All, The Father of all who loves you so much he sent his only Son Jesus.
Have Faith and know Your Father in Heaven hears you and loves you. He knows best for us and may not answer our prayers in the way we want. But know he does answer.
My experience is that God hears my prayers and answers them. He tak... Read More

Prayer is always the answer
Posted On 04/29/2006 13:47:17 by Wind
God has blessed me in so many ways and it is always an answer to prayer. Last night we had our first monthly ladies prayer and only five women showed. I am not sure why many more did not gather, but I know when two or three are gathered in His Name he is there.

So Friday evening, five dedicated women focused on agreeing for those who are seeking the Holy Ghost. We prayer that GOD would give us a great outpouring and bring those babies forth from the birth canal speaking in tongues. His... Read More

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