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Letter to the Faithful - Stay Alive !
Posted On 02/05/2018 23:27:07 by ChristnMe

But in Christ is there Hope and assurance of His promises to meet our needs and to allow our wants. But only by giving to God His due and not by subjection but with love for and of Him including His Son, who is the Word of God.


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In His Presence.
Posted On 02/02/2018 23:52:43 by ChristnMe

So often we don’t take advantage of the Grace that gives us access to the Throne room of God as it is stated, “Come boldly into the Throne Room” - Heb. 4:16. We can have an audience with God not only as Sovereign but as our Father. A special dispensation for all who clamor for more than serving a higher authority for which God has given us an open door anytime we desire to.


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Proverbs 8 | Wisdom
Posted On 02/01/2018 16:22:45 by iamfaithful333

Proverbs 8 gives us lenses to see that everywhere we look, #wisdom is calling us to live lives anchored in God's #Truth. 
There are no shortcuts to wisdom, but #Solomon reminds us that the #pursuitof God's Truth has rich #rewards:

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Letter to the Faithful - Dead in Christ!
Posted On 01/29/2018 22:44:42 by ChristnMe

For now, we have a supreme advocate at the right hand of our Father who by restraint has allowed us to become christ. For if we have put down the flesh of this world then it is His obligation to fill the void with Christ.


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Posted On 01/25/2018 22:47:07 by ChristnMe


As the Body of Christ; we have one goal and that is to be a disciple of Christ. It is the simplest decision to make but the hardest thing to do for it requires focus not occasionally but consistently to accomplish this. It is as stated, “it is no longer I live, but Christ lives in me” - Gal. 2:20. Many in the Body mistakenly interpret Jesus’ direction to be a follower with, “take up your cross” - Lk. 9:23;

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