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Teach and remember
Posted On 09/26/2017 21:37:04 by PastorZomok


We are all very aware of the fact that malcontents are going around and pulling down war memorials along with historical monuments.  This is even being encouraged by so-called civil rights organizations.  These activities are evil and devoid of logic.  Some do not like some aspects of history but it is important to remember the past and to learn from it.  History and heritage are good teachers.  Lets not hide it!!

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Blessings....Good Morning!
Posted On 09/26/2017 16:02:08 by EllieDunn

Posted On 09/24/2017 18:15:43 by EllieDunn

The Practical Christian Series. - Strife.
Posted On 09/23/2017 18:23:12 by ChristnMe

In God’s world, strife is an abomination and so it should be for the Christian. This is not the same as having Righteous indignation for something that is appalling. Whenever strife exists, then so will every device of satan including confusion, usurping and distrust. All these retard or put to death the Grace and solidarity of unity. Strife is a killer!


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Blessings....Good Morning!
Posted On 09/23/2017 16:14:01 by EllieDunn

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