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PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO GET HIRED INTO A JOB ASAP! I live in a small seasonal tourist town. I've been unemployed for too long and if I don't get hired into a job soon, I could end up homeless again!!

There are no larger towns within reasonable driving distance and my car is too old and has too much wrong with it to travel for work. I have no other transportation. I'm single and have nobody to help me.

I need to move to a bigger town or city where there is more jobs but I don't have any money and no way to relocate. I feel stuck and trapped here. There is no Walmart or stores or businesses like it here. Just small family owned businesses and they only hire friends and family and people who have lived here all their lives and that's not me. I really don't know what to do!

It seems like the more I pray the worse things get and I feel like giving up. It all looks so hopeless. I wish God would just take me to Heaven. I hate being single... Life is just too hard... Please keep me in your prayers... I don't want to be homeless again. Last time nobody would help me. My own Mother refused to take me in and my sister told everyone in the family and friends of the family not to help me.. please pray. I need a miracle from God! Thank you and God bless you

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