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I am being anxious again, because of my husbands family his daughter never says thank you if we take her some where and give her money both of us and so forth, it bothers me that she doesnt say thank you or please it shows disrespect been going on for a long time, my husband it does not bother him, but it sure does me. Dont people say thank you and please anymore my husband says they dont. And his sister says things not nice to me like my hair does not look right for our age and other things that are not nice, she is allways that way, but I am just fed up with all this crap from them, of course my husband says it does not bother him so we get in a arugement and I am to blame of course. Geeish I deserve respect and to be treated right from them he says they will not change but cant we as people tell them off in a nice way to quit it out. I like to be around positive people. Makes me feel real crappy just is not nice at all. Sorry for telling you this but I feel very strongly that people should say thank you and please and say nice things if they cant say nothing at all.
What do you think?
I feel so crappy inside and awful I just what to die
Know my husband says we can not go out on Saturday nite because I have brought up those things and got upset...I feel so bad and awful...I try to say what is on my mind and what I think is right and get cut down. I am a person that deserves to be treated with respect...I treat people with resect and allways say please and thank you ect.

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Do these people have any redeeming qualities at all? Is your husband a good husband? What are good points in this family you visit that you can make good comments on? Do you pray blessing on the family before you go to visit them You are love, God is love, Jesus is love. What does that look like.

speak the following prayer each day.

In the name of Jesus, I bless my family and friends. I bless them with the life of God. I bless their homes and everything in their homes. I bless the land their homes rest on and everything which rests on that land. I am a blessing. Thank you Jesus.

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