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I'm kind of going through a God hating stage in my life, I mean I am just so frustrated with a lot of things with him, and I blame everything that goes wrong on him, I'm just so mad that he seems to let the neighborhood drug dealer, or criminals get away with stuff, make tons of money etc. I ask just for help in understanding my school work, because of my 2 learning disabilities and nothing, I also struggle with work and money, it seems like I have to struggle at every turn, can I get a break? No. I don't want to be "tested" I've failed miserably and now angry with God and cursing him! ugh. I want to get this anger out of my heart but I can't. I didn't ask for this "gift" of life, he can't take his stupid gift back, if God was bored and lonely why did he create humans, who would later fall to sin, and because of this, humans have to pay for it, Jesus didn't need to die on the cross for our sins, he could have just made us sinless. If he was so bored couldn't he create legos, or a gaming system?! I never asked for this gift, or this life, why was it forced upon me? (no I'm NOT suicidal) and since it's forced on me I have to suffer. For what? in hope of paradise? Which I probably doubt I'll see anyways since i been cursing God. It's stupid, the whole thing stupid! ugh. Take your stupid gift of life back! I hate it!

Oh and like 2 years ago, I prayed, wen to church every Sunday, fellowshipped, was celibate, for about a year, I've never felt so lonely and empty. ...... This is why it's hard for me to follow God once more... He's betrayed me once, who to say he won't do it again?

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please don't give up on God..He loves you so very much..we may never understand the hardships and valleys we must face..but God will alwaysss be there for you~with you..each and every step of the way..God bless you..always

There is a BLOG on this site with the heading Isaiah 58:10-11. Please read it, it is good.

It sounds like the demonic realm is hard at work in your life. God is not "testing" you. The demonic realm is telling you a bunch of lies. Lies like, "all this stuff is God's fault". God is the one right now that is keeping the demonic realm from completely overwhelming you and destroying you. The Word says that God will not allow you to be burdened with more than you can handle, but the Word does not say that God gives the stuff to you. The Word says there is a living who is out to steal, kill, and destroy, and it is the devil and the demonic realm. You say you ask God to do something, and God says in His Word that He has given to you the power to walk like Jesus through this life. Everything Jesus could do, you can do, if you believe. The question to ask now is, "what would Jesus do?".

I know it is a tough situation you seem to be in, but God is not the problem, He is the solution to the problem. There is too much to say but I would suggest going to Andrew Wommack website and start listening to his audio teachings, they are all free. http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio

In the name of Jesus, I loose the Holy Spirit into your life for comfort, strength, wisdom, power, and understanding. Thank you Jesus.

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