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Mood: Happy Happy
24 years old
pelham, Alabama
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GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Christian
DATING STATUS: Single, no-looking
JOB: Other
SMOKE: Never
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modeling and rock climbing

probably all the TWILIGHT books!

one missed call. the eye. sweeney todd. horror movies. comedy movies. walle. horton hears a who. the notebook. the dark knight. the little mermaid. mulan. cinderella. like every single disney princess movie. and every dinsey pixar movie

screamo. i love screamo and death metal. senses fail, fall out boy. my chemical romance. switchfoot. i am terrified. underoath. death cab for cutie. rise agaisnt. boys like girls. kari jobe. linkin park. and PARAMORE! i love alot of christian rock also

i have way too many to name but i really like proverbs and isaiah the most and revelation when i can actually understand it

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yehh hey im Nicole White. i am very short im 15 and im 5 ft tall thts sad. i am a christian since about 4 grade. and im in 9th now. i love God with all of my heart. i go to First Baptist Church of Pelham. and for those who dont know where pelham is. its right below birmingham. i go on mission trips out of the country to ecuador i went on one in september 07 and may 08 and im going again may 09 i am super nice. i fall in love easily. i am veryyy random. i dont understand alot of things. i am a complete blonde at heart. i am very out going i am never shy. i model and act at john robert powers. which is a hugeee famous modeling school. i was the only one accepted out of 50 ppl tht tried out. i practicly live at my church. i am a little diffrent from most people. since i made a very stupid decision once and lost all of my friends. and i felt that the middle school kids tht live where i live are very immature and i cant trust them with my secrets. almost all of my best friends are in highschool. about 90% of them are. most of them are 11th and 12th graders. like jenni emily rebecca pookie weaver. those are just my best friends tht r in highschool. i love eyeliner. some ppl tell me tht i wear too much of it but i dont think so. i dont play any sports. but i love 4 wheelers ive been drivin them since i was about 4. i love helping ppl with their problems thts all i do usually. and i always take their horrible experience and turn it into a way how they can get closer to God. im like the whitest person ever and obsessed with getting my nails done. i txt alot so if u ever want to tlk to me send me a mssg with your number and area code and we will tlk. well thts enough about me txt me so i can know more about you.

modeling. hanging out with friends. paintball. swimming. shopping. going to church. going to ecuador. football. and yeah im sure theres alot more but i cant think of any right now

ppl tht judge me bc im super short and i model. two faced ppl. the devil. homework. school. completely stupid guys

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11/23/2011 03:49:36

Happy Thanksgving!

09/20/2011 05:53:43
God Bless You

04/08/2011 09:31:40
Good Weekend

11/24/2010 06:13:49
Happy Thanksgiving!

in everything give thanks;
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18 NAS)

10/11/2010 05:32:09

02/07/2010 08:02:22
Blessings from God

12/23/2009 07:52:34
Christian Merry Christmas!

11/24/2009 13:36:35
Happy Thanksgiving!

05/31/2009 08:06:51
God Bless You

05/07/2009 03:05:18
Blessed DaY

05/01/2009 13:37:35
God Bless You

04/11/2009 09:25:36
Easter Sunday

04/09/2009 15:37:39
Good Friday

01/17/2009 11:17:45
Good Weekend

01/16/2009 15:16:39

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