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Type: Public
Created: Nov 3, 2006
Members: 56
Views: 2952
Location: Pleasanton , United States
Group Creator:
twochis OFFLINE
Chasing and catching His presence!

This is a group for those who want more, or have experienced more of the Most High God. Those not content to just be saved, but hungry for the awesome presence of the Father in their lives. We can all go to church and do our duty, or we can really enter into worship, and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. The choice is ours. I choose to enter in, and once there, I never want to leave. I long to be in His presence. His presence is a place that offers a strength, peace, love, and joy that can't be compared, matched or duplicated. If you share any of these feelings, please join in. Comment on past experiences, or current dreams. Share the victory that is found only in God. Have fun and be blessed!

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