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Category: Ministry
Type: Public
Created: Sep 16, 2006
Members: 90
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Location: United States
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Reaching, teaching & Keeping boys 4 Christ

This is a ministry training up boys in the way they should grow.

he Royal Ranger ministry is to evangelize boys for Christ. To develop the total boy, spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially. To instruct, challenge, and inspire the boys in Bible doctrine, Christian service, moral conduct, and basic beliefs. Reaching and Teaching boys for Christ

* Ranger Kids - Grades K,1,2

Quarterly advancement leads to yearly trail of the Elk, Wolverine and Cougar. These trails feature crafts, skills, advancement activities, Bible memory verses and many other opportunities to grow

* Discovery Rangers - Grades 3,4,5

The Advancement trail introduces boys to a variety of skill and bible merits. The boys are introduced to camping all leading to the highest award the Gold Eagle. They also have the opportunities to attend camps to develop leadership skills.

* Adventure Rangers - Grades 6,7,8

The merit-based advancement trail will include camping and non-camping activities. Life skills development, junior leadership training and a chance the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF). This trail also leads to the highest award a boy can earn. The Gold Medal of Achievement

* Expedition Rangers - Grades 9,10,11

Spiritual growth through lessons that assist young men to mature into men of God. Advancement opportunities for personal growth and skills through four advancement trails Air/Sea Rangers, junior leadership, Ministry and Christian service, and Extreme outdoor sports and activities.

The Royal Ranger emblem is copy righted.

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