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Category: Testimony
Type: Public
Created: Dec 31, 2011
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Location: Powder Springs Georgia, United States
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Dedicated to ALL who've experienced pain

This group is dedicated to those who's voices have been silenced from the pain of having experienced an abortion in some way and for those whose hearts are toward the unborn. It is my prayer these voices be regained and speak up to protect the innocent and restore the broken. Unheard/Unseen is the name of a CD completed by Stuff With A Message Inc in 2009. The CD is available through Stuff With A Message. If you would like a copy you may purchase one by sending your request for the CD with $12.00USD to P.O.Box 1823 Powder Springs, GA. 30127 AND with a note saying how you plan on using the CD.
This is also dedicated to those who have been quietly, fearfully, silently been in hiding within the church's or in the homes or in life. God wants you to be healed and He knows Only He through your repentance and acceptance of His salvation can do that. He also knows this will be a walk, not an event and He will love you throughout your restoration. I pray you find greater LIFE in Him as you confront, perhaps one of the greatest fears you may have. Get Free!!

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