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Created: Dec 29, 2011
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The KJV is not the best translation

There are people that claim that only the King James Translation, of 1611, is the only true Bible. Many of these people will even call modern translations "satanic". These individuals are simply wrong!!! And some of them exhibit a fanaticism that is not very christian like.

The KJV, also known as the "Authorized Version", is a noble bible and beautiful but it is NOT the best of translations. Now with this said, this does not mean all modern translations are fine and good. There are some very poor Bible versions out there, but most new Bibles are very reasonable and put together with the best of modern manuscript study. Here are some videos...

A good link

errors in King James

Holy Ghostism

What I would like to do is to form a network of sister sites and pages promoting rational thinking on the issue of good Bible choices.


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