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Category: Young Women
Type: Public
Created: Mar 29, 2006
Members: 179
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Location: Global , United States
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Discovering woman as God intended her to be

We are a group of women, from all ages, backgrounds, cultures and races, who strive everyday to fulfill the roles that God asks us to strive for as we follow the Lord in our lives. We understand that our role is not defined by the world, but by our Father in Heaven, who created us to bring glory to Him.

This group is about growing together and discipling one another as women. If you are seeking the fellowship of other women, this is a great place to start. You can post questions (no matter how weird or random) and get the input of various other women seeking the Lord in their lives. You can discuss the touchy subjects (the Bible's perspective on women speaking in church, submission to our husbands, etc.) and join together to find answers in Scripture. We do not, by any means, slander one another, but pray for one another and walk with one another toward Jesus Christ.

By the way, this group is just for women!

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