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Default Lord, how delighted we are


Lord, how delighted we are by an unexpected visit from a butterfly .
We were in awe when we learned the process that transforms the lowly caterpillar into the exquisite winged creature . But in studing the life expectancy of the butterfly ,
we are reminded how fleeting and fragile life can be .Let every butterfly you see remind you that our time on this earth is limited,too.
Help us all remember that the person we have an opportunity to be kind to today , the one you allow an extra measure of grace , might not be in your life at all when tomorrow comes .May you see every life as a fragile and precious gift to be appreciated and cherished today.

I wish a thousand monarch butterflies would take a little detour from their migration
and come and visit you today my friend.
I can almost see them now fluttering in you direction, all brilliant flashes of orange and black , here and there and over there .
What if you opened your front door just as they arrived?
I think i know how your face would look..
surprised , amazed , enchanted,
you would take a deep breath in the gentle fanning of all those wings ,
reflect on what's now behind you and smile in wonder.
at all the joureying that still awaits.
Something inside you would lift on wings of pure hope
and your spirit would dance in the presence of so much beauty.
Let my wishes be those butterflies at your door my friend.
Wishes that good and pure and true things will come your way...
all beautiful and all for you.


Each new day is like an ocean wave returning to the shore
you have no idea what it will bring ,just as you have no idea what
surprises the surf will lay at your feet.
On calm days, ordinary shells are left at the water's edge,
but after stormy weather, all kinds of treasures
are churned up from the deep- rare finds for those with the patience
to uncover them. The phases of life itself are as unpredictable
as the moods of the ocean, sometimes smooth,
sometimes turbulent.But beyond this mystery lies one certainty...
While you can never know what gifts life will bring,
you can trust that every sunrise offers possibilities.
Every day holds beautiful moments and new dreams
waiting for you to come and find them.


A rose in the rain is lovely to look at, each petal dewy, not from the mist but from the heavenly shower.Roses don't like too much water but are helpless in saving themselves during the deluge. Nevertheless, they look so beautiful in the rain, making the ordeal seem worth all the suffering".
At times we are roses in the rain, although we are not helpless because we can walk away from the emotional rain swamping us.
Why we choose to stay is an individual reason, but stay put where we do many times in our lives, stay where we are at most hurt because the process brings out the beauty in us.
''We don't relish the pain but then the taste of beauty seems worth it.
The first sound of rain after a dry spell is the sound of tiny feet upon the roof, followed by that peculiar smell rising from the earth, and we like that sound and smell of rain.
No doubt rain figures in our lives so well, soaking it to the very core of our consciousness.
We used to count seasons by it and milestones with each passing.
After rain, the sun shines. And roses that we are by then know we don’t have to be roses in the rain.We have learned by then that we have beauty within and its just needs a little reaching inward to bring it out – rain or shine

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