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McKeel Wildcats Class of '09

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27 years old
Lakeland, Florida
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RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Non-Denominational
JOB: Artist
SMOKE: Never
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I like to sing and paint. I am an artist and one of my pictures is being sent into the art show at our school. Back in Freshman year, I was part of my highschool show choir meaning I danced and sang. My favourite song we did was Chattanooga Choo-Choo. Also in choir we sang at the annual Candle Light performance in EPCOT where we sang Christmas songs such as Gesu Bambino, Il Est Ne, Stille Naucht (German Silent Night), and other Christmas songs you probably have never heard of in your life :). Occasionally I do a little story writing. I love to write stories and I love to do essays, that's how I got to go on my class trip, Wildcat Rules. I also enjoy sports such as football, wrestling (I'll be starting next year), soccer, tennis, track, and FENCING! This year as a junior, I will be participating in an annual thing at our school called Rock Around The Clock where the junior class holds performances in the auditorium and we pretend to sing songs from the 50's to 95. The song my group plans on doing is You Really Got Me Now by Van Halen (it's on my Playlist). It's lots of fun and if I get a video of it I'll post it up. :)

Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson! Also Recently, A Child Called It and The Lost Boy. So sad, that poor man! :( Very good books though.

This is me and some girls in my youth group having fun and singing!!

I like the kind of music that has notes and pitches and creates harmony! :D

04/30/2008 02:25:02
04/29/2008 02:03:10

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fencer4christ is in your extended network

Hi, my name is Patrick and I love school, (GASP!!!) that's right school. My favourite subjects are science, math and english. I'm an honors student therefore I have a reputation to uphold. My senior schedule includes AP Statistics, AP English IV, Chemistry II Honors, Trigonometry/Analytical Geometry Honors, Government and Economics Honors and...Web Design. So yeah I'm a big nerd. I also love experimenting, in fact I've been experimenting with my YCSpace profile. (BTW, my quiz will ask what my background is, answer Yoshi because that's what it was when I made that quiz) I'm also a videogamer and my favourite games are the Sonic games. I'm always so busy with reports, work, and other things that I rarely get a chance to come on here but when I do, I stay on for as long as I can. My best friends are all at my school and church and I have a wide variety of them. So if you want to meet me then just send me a comment and I'll get to you as soon as I can. Don't be upset if I don't reply back immediately... or after a couple of weeks.

Flash Toys, MySpace Layouts, Comment Graphics, and more!

I like animals mostly bats, hawks, wolves, foxes, hedgehogs, mice and domestic animals. My favourite colours are silver, blue and red. I also enjoy sleeping, can't get too much sleep!

Spiders(I'm arachnaphobe), con-artists, movies that can't stop saying the "F" word!

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07/11/2008 10:39:29

07/03/2008 07:24:57
Hey, have a great 4th!!!

05/24/2008 12:22:58

05/15/2008 04:48:00
hey whats up? how have you been? i haven't been on here much lately , but you can write me and hopefully i'll be able to get back to ya. hope all is well with you

05/12/2008 14:45:04

Heya!  I hope you had a great weekend! 

Yes, I am a Vegan.  So I don't eat any animal products.  I also don't wear animal products or buy items that were tested on animals. 

05/10/2008 03:24:07

going to church huh? you did'nt mention what kind of church but i trust and pray that its one that serves the God of Abraham, Issach, and Jacob and our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.  if so this may very well play a part in your friend  being saved.  God's will be done.

Thanks for  your reply.  May God continue to use you in many ways.

05/10/2008 00:46:30
Hi Patrick, you're welcome for that comment about your friend.  I hope it helped some.  How is that going by the way?  Have a blessed, wonderful weekend!!! Blessings, Susan

05/09/2008 23:13:48

Thats good. And aww thats nice to help


05/09/2008 23:04:00
Hey, How are you doing?

05/09/2008 21:53:41
lol thanks so much...and o dear you caught me...your headline rocks, and i just had to add you. be blessed.

05/09/2008 13:57:01

i remember  now. lol call me scatterbrain.

by the way how is your friend?

05/09/2008 13:54:15

Good Morning!

I actually started as a vegetarian and 2 months later I went vegan.  It was easier then I thought it was gonna be.  There are alot of things in the grocery store to choose from.

If I don't talk to you later today...Have a Great Weekend! 

05/08/2008 16:23:47

05/08/2008 02:44:03
hey. how are you doing? i haven't been on here much lately, actually haven't been on at all for probably about a week

05/07/2008 23:04:17
i'm not sure what friend you are talking about, i dont recall leaving  any comment.

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