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In todays world it seems so hard sometimes to be what you want as a christian.

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33 years old
Cordell, Oklahoma
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RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Christian - other
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JOB: Other
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Playing guitar,drums, making home movies, writing poetry,talking about religion,listening to music.

I dont like reading.

I'm into mainly action and comedy movies. I enjoy such movies as The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Incredibles, Antitrust, Pirates of the Carribean, Spiderman and Napoleon Dynamite. All great movies if you havent seen them you should check them out.

I listen to alot of Christian Rock music such as:Emery, Subseven, Thousand Foot Krutch, Blindside, Spoken, Fly Leaf, and Skillet. Ill listen to just about anything other then country.

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Here is a poem I wrote that shows how I feel about things. Kinda explains alittle about me. I hope you like it

I question if this is what life will always be.

I wish this world wasnt corrupted so easily.

Nothing is right can anything be good again.

This world is full of hatred and various other sins.

Only God can save us from this misery.

I guess I Will show them what he did for me.

God what do u want me to do.

I pray that these people will come to you.

Let me say the words u want me to say.

Let me pray beyond what ive ever prayed.

Let me sing what i need to sing to you.

Let me bring to the people the things of you.

Cause were on a mission to show the truth.

Your words are there to give us proof.

Of the things u did so long ago.

As you shed your blood and gave your soul.

So we wouldn't die and feel the pain.

Cause you gave your life so that we could gain.

A life so great and without evil.

This is what you did for these people.

Not just them but also for me.

You saved me too on Calvary.

I hope that these words will help the lost.

Help show that believing is all it costs.

For us to live so abundantly.

And save us from a death of misery.

Simple things in life. spending time with people just going for a walk talking getting to know each other. talking to people about there problems. Also normal things like going to the movies, going to concerts, bowling, ball games etc.I enjoy playing guitar and playing drums aswell.

Mean people cant stand people that are mean expecially when your nothing but nice to them.People that wont listen to reason and people that are always right about everything. If your not those things im sure we will get along great :).

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06/17/2008 20:55:28

Nice to see some fellow Okies on YCS!

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01/11/2007 23:25:48
hey bro thanks for stopping by look forward to talking to you . you can hit me up on myspace also unboundyouth/myspace.com

01/09/2007 19:46:58
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Welcome from Corpus Christi TX! May you be wonderfully blessed by this place as I have been! GBY!!...phyl

01/09/2007 10:59:41
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I am happy to see that you have joined into this wonderful space. I hope that you develop lots of great friends here and grow in your walk with the Lord as well. Feel free to drop me a line if there is anything you need. Again it is great to see you join us all here at YCS. Keep all that you do in praise to the Lord and you will be blessed.

Paul D.

01/09/2007 00:40:37
Welcome to YCS. Stop by my page anytime and browse through the bible study materials and reference materials. "If any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow me." Luke 9:23 In Christ, Jeff

01/08/2007 21:34:58

01/08/2007 07:24:13

01/08/2007 06:57:28

Welcome to YCS, God bless you...Bobbie

01/08/2007 04:36:56

01/07/2007 22:13:41

Welcome to YCS- God Bless- Teary

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