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Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me!!! (I'm referring to Jesus by the way lol)

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29 years old
Miami, Florida
United States
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RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Christian - other
JOB: College
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Jeez didn't I answer that in the "About Me" and "I Like" section?


The departed, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Chronicles of Riddick, The Matrix 1,2, and 3. X-Men all of them, the Passion of the Christ (I can't believe I didn't put that first!) and prob. a whole bunch I can't remember lol.

Gospel, SOME christian rock, Worship music, and sad to say ALOT of secular music...lol sorry.

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Well I'm pretty crazy about God. Really how couldn't you be. Were talkin about the one and only being who was able to give us life and could just as easily take it away right?? For the most part though lol I'm 5"8 Athletic, Christian, and anxious to meet other ppl!

God, Movies, videogames, sports, the mall, my friends, my church, my family, yall get the point lol.

Ppl who dislike me lol

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10/28/2009 01:54:09

hey whatss up?

i like never use this thing; i saw that yu visited my page;

lol you cutee

02/17/2009 10:09:33

There are two sets of foot prints in the sand most of the time,
Although I know when there’s only one set, it’s not mine,
Growing with You, Jesus brings greater joy in many new days,
As you continue to teach me Your wonderful ways,
“Lazarus, Arise”, and He opened his eyes,
You open Heaven’s windows and pour blessings from the skies,
I ask and You give, You died and I lived,
You are the Resurrection, Faithful and True,
You are the love letters in creation that only Your disciples knew,
I think of the Resurrection, and know the world would think I’ve lost my head,
But that doesn’t matter, I can’t wait for You to teach me to raise the dead,
Guide me with Your Spirit and comforting thoughts,
I feel comforted with Your presence and sometimes there’s an angel You’ve brought,
The thoughts You send me bring inspiration when doubt tries to plant a seed,
My life is restored every time You breathe,
I don’t want to be lukewarm with You,
I want that Holy Fire ablaze so hot that it turns blue,
Quake my spirit with an outpouring inside,
Blaze me with Your Holy power until I am one hundred percent sanctified,
Let me glow, even visible to others around,
Just as Moses when he was on higher ground,
Thunder crackling and rippling across the sky,
Lord, just lift my spirit up and let me fly.

02/15/2009 02:20:35

happy valentines day


how are you?!

02/13/2009 00:42:02


HeY!!!! Whats up

01/31/2009 18:06:22

hi :)

sorry, i'm hardly on here. but about my testimony; thanks be to God for saving my life daily. the glory belongs to Him forever! Amen =]


01/26/2009 15:15:34

lol thank you

ctbcvp wrote:

May I just say I LOVE your hair haha!

01/22/2009 23:46:22

hey sup


12/26/2008 01:33:18

[url=http://www.faithfrog.com] [/url]

10/07/2008 14:44:46

ctbcvp wrote:

babygirl21 wrote:

wow...cool...ha ha so does my dad...I use to work summers for him!


lol that's crazy. A workin girl I see!

yep....that's one thing I know how to do....work my butt off....(thanks Dad)

10/06/2008 22:16:52

wow...cool...ha ha so does my dad...I use to work summers for him!

10/05/2008 15:48:06

I'm a Certified Nursing Assistant...you?

10/05/2008 03:37:22

Have a great weekend. I'll talk to you again soon. God bless, later.

10/03/2008 05:21:23

Hey..I'm alright...difficult day at work, but alright. How about you?

09/30/2008 19:14:20


09/28/2008 20:04:06

lol i cant read ur comment~~~ wat did you say? ;) have a blessed Sunday!

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