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Our Mission
YourChristianSpace.com exists to foment the relation between all friends, members and ministers of the Christian Church.

My pastor use to said that every convert needs a friend in the church. This is true for all members. We developed this site so members and ministers could make new friends.

With the power of the internet we can exchange ideas and information in ways that were never possible before. With that capability we have created an online community where ideas can be shared, insights can be expressed, and testimony can be shared.

We also created an online community where people can have fun, meet new saints, hear good music, and play fun games. With this community our members can share their lives faster and easier. With both family and friends.

We created an online community where people can come and find a safe-haven on the web. Where we can share one anothers burdens, and escape the temptations of this modern world and others not christians websites.

We created a format where members can showcase their talents and help others sharpen theirs. We wanted a community where everyone could come. No matter their age or their background. Not just a site for 'daters'.

We invite all the christians and friends, in all the countries, to come and share in this online community and 'let their light so shine!'

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