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if God were here, would you act like this. doesnt the bible say he walks with us, therefore technically, he is. think about it.

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happyville, Louisiana
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talk. play. live. life. love,.....

1. Dont marry the person you Can live with, marry the one you Cant live WITHOUT.

2. Dont marry someone who has characteistics that you feel are intolerable.

3. Do NOT marry impulsively.

4. If you are a deeply committed christian DO NOT become "unequally yolked" with an unbeliever.

5. Do not move in with a person before marrige. (studies show that couple who live together before marrige have a 50 percent greater chance to get a divorce than those who dont based on fifty years of data.

6. DONT get married too young.

7. Never threaten to leave to leave your mate during angry moments.

8. Mark 10:9 "Therefore what God has joined together, let man not seperate."

the BIBLE,
Life On The Edge By:Dr. James Dobson, (awesome book christian lives could dwell on this i deeply reccommend)

3. The Jabez Prayer
(this book could change anyones life)


Becoming Jane, the notebook, passion of the christ, saw 1 2 3 4 , thumbalina, talledega nights, RENT, some others but i cant really think of any... and THE WICKER MAN

1. Becoming jane
2. the notebook,
3. talledega noghts,
4. passion of the christ,
6. thumbalina
7. saw 1 2 3

country and rock
i love KENNY CHESNEY and hinder, saosin, hellogoodbye, plain white t's,tim mcgraw, taylor swift, barlow girls, superchick, emery, brad paisly, wayne toups, chris daughtry, danielle peck, claycrosse, third day, three days grace, third day, avril lavigne, anberlin, EVERYTHING !!

07/02/2007 07:03:59

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OK. The names Brooke. my friends call me Brookaaayy or Brooke Lou. whatever floats their boat. i am pentecostal and i LOVE my religion and my God. hes number one in my life. i used to be a chuch goer, nut now i call mysekf a christian. i am my own person, nobody can change me my God is who will judge me, you have no say so in that. no matter what i do it will glorify him. im outgoing and special in my own way. i love to be around my friends and be crazy. im on the morning show at my school and everyone knows me by "that crazy girl on the mornin show" :)im a happy go lucky person amd you cant change me only him. i serve him because i make him my all. because i choose to. i DONT have to. but its my choice and thats how it will always be.

MySpace Layouts

Myspace Layouts at Pimp-My-Profile.com / Love in black and white

-vacay (vacation)
-c c's coffee (white chocolate cappuchino)
-my family
-praising God
-being myself
-cool people
-falling in love
-listening to the rain on a tin roof
-hearing the words "i love you"

Proverbs 6:16-20,
These six things doth the Lord HATE; yea seven are an abomination unto him:Aproud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, an heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,a false witness that speaketh lies, and that he soweth disord amoung bretheren. My son keep thy fathers commandment, and forske not the law of thy mother.,......

Matthew 7:7
" Ask and it will be given to you;seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened unto you. "

people who think you have to be the RELIGIOUS type to serve God... God says that as long as you are sincere it doesnt matter how you live as long as you are SINCERE!!!And Jesus said to His disciples, "Go into all the world, teaching all men to live any way that they want, and urging each to find his or her own path to God, Let not one of youmake someone feel inferioe or victimized because of their beliefs. Above all be tolerant. Verily, verily, i say unto you that what you believe and how you live do not matter as long as you are sincere." , ...... Though hes not sayin you can just go and od waterver u wat wenever u want and hell forgive you later bc he also says that a christian who knows wrong and does it anyways is worse than a sinner who knows not and does wrong everyday....

-saying goodbye forever knowing you'll never see
-annoying people who think theyre cute

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05/04/2008 10:01:49

""You are a letter from Christ...written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God, not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of human hearts..."
II Corinthians 3:3

04/28/2008 06:09:49

04/17/2008 15:12:25


04/13/2008 02:33:03
you should be excited and i hope you have a great time,just dont do anything that you will regret,ya hear me ;)

04/13/2008 01:56:37
Psalm 100-4;

 Good Night, Sleep Well

04/12/2008 23:42:33

03/30/2008 20:29:25
i have been sleepy,:) how are things with u

03/21/2008 15:25:26
oh and btw, i dont think you're more competitive than me! i'd have to see it to believe it! i'm SUPER competitive!

03/21/2008 11:53:37
okay sorry lol
In quebec, we give names to proms lol  anyway

03/20/2008 21:44:30
oh yeah! congratulations
and what's the occasion? lol

03/20/2008 19:36:11

Thanx 4 the add!!  God bless U!!


03/20/2008 05:09:37

03/19/2008 20:24:06
hey, wats up

03/19/2008 14:45:48
haha...everyone wants to come to FL for vacation...and we Floridians want to get out of FL for vacation lol

03/18/2008 23:23:19

that sux

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