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28 years old
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GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Christian - other
BORN AGAIN: Prefer not to say
GO TO CHURCH: Prefer not to say
DATING STATUS: Prefer not to say
JOB: Student
MEMBER SINCE: 05/16/2006
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having fun

The Bible!
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christian music

Pro-Life, Reclaiming America 4 Christ, V Till M, Acquire the Fire, Jeremy Camp

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To everyone who’s hurting
To those who’ve had enough
To all the undeserving
That should cover all of us
Please do not let go
I promise there is hope
~Mercy Me

Can I lose my need impress?
If you want the truth I need to confess
I'm not alright, I'm broken inside
And all I go through, it leads me to you
Honestly, I'm not that strong.
I'm not alright... that's why I need you.
~Sanctus Real

Show me what it means, to live my life a sacrifice
If only I would realize how much it took to pay the price
I know I'd always give, everything to You
~Jeremy Camp

We cannot seperate
you're part of me
and though you're invisible
I'll trust the unseen
I cried out with no reply
and I can't feel you by my side
so I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I'm Never Alone
~Barlow Girl

serving my Lord. spending time with friends. having fun.being careless.

i absolutely hate bees. i don't like homework, being bored, disappointing others.

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04/10/2007 02:01:15
Hey My Britt!! Rachael R is speaking this Wed and Brian is speaking next Wed. Hopefully you can make it! I LOVE YOU!!!

04/08/2007 22:33:35
HEY Britt

I Miss you so much. It's not te same w/out you. You always made me laugh and i had a Blast with you lol...!! WE DEF NEED TO HANG SOON.
Well i will get off here i love you very much lol... buh bye ♥Angela

04/05/2007 05:15:09
Hey Britt! No, No, I REALLY miss you! I feel like I haven't got to spend time with you or Sherrie in forever. We have to get together soon!
We're actually going to a youth conference this Fri. night, it's at the Nutter Center, I would love if you could come. Just let me know, ok
I Love You, Chenoa

04/02/2007 16:30:45
BRITTANY how r u, seems like I havent seen you in a LONG time, well i miss u alot and church isnt te same w/o u lol well hope we can hang out this weekend or saterday or w/e i start spring break this friday so maybe we can all hang out or do something well g2g ill hopefully ttyl bye

04/02/2007 04:11:10
BRITT... Where have you been MY whole life?? lol.. I'm missing you more! I'm glad yer where God wants you, but I sooper hate not going to the same church! I feel like I NEVER see you anymore! !Wait...Correction! I NEVER see you anymore! ?lol? I really do love you a WHOLE WHOLE lot! I don't think you know how much! Welp, I'm off to bed... well, to read then to bed. Call me babe! ;o)


04/01/2007 06:07:36
And you sooo look like my cousin...ok I'm done...I promise. =)

04/01/2007 05:35:31
Oh and me, Brittany Hormel and Boyer were going to visit you on Friday cause that is how we like to spend our weekends by just visiting random people but your car wasn't at your house. Boo. Well mabey we will come visit you sometime during spring break if you aren't going anywhere lol

04/01/2007 05:31:53
So that pic in your locker is a-dor-able!

03/28/2007 03:47:35
I love Brittany, yes I do, I love Brittany, how bout you?!?! I miss you dawling! I hope yer havin a fantabulous week and that the joy of the Lord is radiating from you! I love you more than pigeon poop! (sorry, that's the first thing that pooped, I mean popped in my head) I♥U!!!

03/23/2007 14:42:26
Geesh... you never get on here anymore! What's ^ w/dat?!? Not that you'll EVER get this message or EVER reply to it! But I thought I'd come by anyway, in hopes that you mighta actually gotten on. But I was wrong once again! Ya know, you could at least swing by every once in a while, but I guess that would be too much to ask. No time fer yer friends anymore! But that's ok, I love ya anyway. I'm writing this comment like you'll get it or something! Anyhoo... if you do happen to get this, which I strongly doubt, I♥U more than chocolate chip pancakes!! (Can you tell I haven't eaten breakfast?). I sure wish we had some choco chips so I could make some chocolate chip pancakes! Bummer! Now I have a hankerin for chocolate chip pancakes, and I can't even have any! Thanks a lot! All I did by leaving this message is made myself hungry, and I can't even do anything about it cause I have no money and no gas. Geesh... now I'm bummed about havin no money and no gas! Thanks Britt... I'm glad we could have this lil chat... NOT! Love you too! Gyosh!

03/22/2007 15:55:26
BRITTANY just stopped by to say hi ill probaly c ya this weekend ill ttyl 25

03/16/2007 00:24:21
new link


03/13/2007 16:29:55
I less than 3 you!

03/13/2007 05:07:56
ayy wassup? i miss u guys how yall doin?

03/12/2007 03:02:15
Hey Brit! love your "hairdo" and your page. It was good to see you and Jacob this weekend. Thanks for helping with the outreach. love Chenoa

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