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my feelings
Posted On 03/03/2007 19:23:04 by PreciousAngel

From the missionary book full moon by dean nelson

We saw evil at work in specific ways. In American culture, witchcraft is seen as something optional modern or fun. There is enormous danger in it. In Africa it involved human sacrafice.  You did not open a store without burying the liver of a baby under the fron steps to rbing you good fortune. You did not suffer any ill without suspecting  you had angered the ancestors, and they had sent you and evil spririt. The medicince to cure you was more powerful if it had human elements in it.  You did not  work in the peanut or bean garden without  killing a child with big eyes so that the harvest would be blesed by the acestors and evil spirits.  These are not just stories what they did in these countries after centureis of darkness will most certainly fall on us in time to, because the nature of evil does not change.  But there is a good side to this.  The name of jesus overcomes demonworship and witchcraft.


tarrot cards are evil, star charts are evil, magic in any form is evil, ppl in america think that harry potter is ok cuz they want to help ppl but magic is evil. those books have no hope cuz they have no jesus and without jesus when death comes thats it game over you go to hell


don't let satan into your hearts by reading harry potter and saying this magic is ok god wouldn't mind this magic or whatever else you tell yourself so that you can read it. i understand i was once the biggest hp fan there was

no more. harry potter has no hope and no jesus there is evil in those books dont read them to your children we are sponges and this is gods temple you want to explain it to me how your going to tell god magic is ok when he said it wans't stopp sinning get rid of the stuff


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