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Posted On 02/28/2007 22:09:40 by PreciousAngel

me just as i am not as ppl would want me to be but as god wants me to be i love jesus my life centers around Him and what he wants for me

my god loves me he has seen me through more hell then some ppl ever have to see let alone live through i have known the dpth s of despair i know what the black pit feels like that sucks you in and won't let go i know what it feels like to take drugs and drink alcohol to dim the pain and have it inly lead you further into the deepths of hell itself satan has no powere over you except what you give to him let jesus set you free let him show you what the life of a christian devoted to him can be like i don't wonder what heaven will be like i remeber the first day i truly felt free and knew that my life would be something other than going from one drug to the next trying to find a way out a way in something to fill that whole in me that never seemed to get fulll no matter how my family loved me or that guys said they loved me

thisd is availabe just ask god ask him to come into your heart and set you free he delivers he gives more than you could have ever dreamed


more thasn you thought possible

how great would it be to know that all you have ever done all the mistakes the things that grabbed hold aND WOULDN'T LET GO

to have them fall from you as if they were never there because his forgiveness is eternal and holy cleansing your soul setting you free ask him

ask him into your heart

and know freedom


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