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Pride comes before a fall *literally*
Posted On 02/07/2007 16:35:52 by Heidi_Ho
I was sitting in the hall of the courthouse watching my sisters baby when I calmly noticed all the ladys walking by in their cute professional suites. I then came to the realization that....my shoes were by far the hottest...I just sat there telling myself I was lookin pretty good with my long pearls, my cute black and white polkadot headband ribbon, and freaken hott pink pumps(they are soooo awesome!).....these silly other women walking around had no business thinking they were the stuff....Well...after tearing down every woman that walked by and their ugly shoes and pathetic hair styles it was time for us to leave....feeling confident in my obvious dominance in the fashion industry, I walked with grace and dignity looking like a model on a runway...I totally had the power walk going on....oh yes.....I was lookin good!!!    Well...we were crossing the crosswalk right in front of the courthouse where everyone and their mother was talking/sitting/walking when.....the unevitable happened....yes....you know what happened......I fell to my undying doom.....hott shoes, pearls, and all went SMACK down in the middle of the road in front of everyone..........I really dont know what to say at this point but that I learned a valuable leason..........even the hottest shoes cannot make it across the invisible potholes that seem to prevail wherever I walk...

So...thats my adventure of the day!  and now I must work on my runway walking skills....and pray no one heard the mumblings I was saying under my breath!


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