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The Victory Crown
Posted On 06/06/2018 01:01:51 by PastorZomok

One of my favorite verses in the scriptures is 1 Peter 5:4.  It is stated in the King James Bible with elegance:

'And when the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away.'

Even though the KJV states this verse with a flowing beauty the original language for the text contains deeper things and the casual reader is likely not aware of this, but the word 'crown' here is not a kingly diadem but rather a victory wreath that is givin to one who has ran the race and won.  The Greek word is 'Stephanos' (Strongs 4735).  This is where my name actually is derived from.

The spirit moved upon me today to point out that the 'crown' of thorns pushed onto the head of Jesus Christ was also a 'stephanos' or victory wreath.  The ignorant pagan centurians pushed this crown of thorns down on the messiahs head to mock and torture (Mark 15:17).  In their dull-witted cowardly glee they probably had no awareness of Gods ultimate plan.  Every age has such as these. The crown actually does point at the victory of the messiah.

This same type of crown is also a crown of life (James 1:12) and a crown of justice (2 Timothy 4:8).  We should all continue in the race and run toward glory that does not fade away.

Gods steadfast love is clear in the Gospel with the work and ministry of Yeshua Messiah.  God loved the world so much he sent his son to redeem us...to bring us back (John 3:16). God is truly the lover of souls even though you may feel doubtful at times. The Book 'Wisdom of Solomon' chapter 11:24-26 says,

'For thou lovest all the things that are, and abhorrest nothing which thou hast made: for never wouldest thou have made any thing, if thou hadst hated it. And how could any thing have endured, if it had not been thy will? or been preserved, if not called by thee? But thou sparest all: for they are thine, O Lord, thou lover of souls.'

pastor Zomok

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