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Temple Thoughts
Posted On 06/01/2018 00:15:00 by PastorZomok


In listening to some of the enthusiasm about events in modern Jewish Israel, I feel that many folks are trodding down a muddy path and wearing blinders.  Some are seemingly delighted in the idea of a new Temple being built, on the old temple mount, as if this is a good thing.  And sometimes they even speak of the reinstitution of the old sacrificial system.  The problem is clear that this is an affront to God as it has all been replaced by Jesus Christ. It would be a deeper rejection of Jesus Christ and his redemptive work.

Jesus was prefigured by many types and shadows.  He is king, high preist, and sacrifice, all in one package.  Christians should not be supporting any 'rebuilt' temple in Jerusalem at all!  If the old system of killing bulls, birds, and lambs came back it would be an affront to God.  It would be an anti-Christ system.  Remember 'anti' means not simply 'aganist' but also 'in place of'. although details would be different in some respects such a system reinstituted would be no more honorable than the antics of the degenerate king of Syria, Antiochus 1V, in 168 BC.  

I support the little Jewish state and it is a friend of the United States, but Christians should be careful on related matters.  Supporting its safety is great but we probably should avoid the idea of its being some sort of 'regathered Israel' and the things that could come out of that theology. 

Pastor Zomok

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