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Seeds and growth
Posted On 04/01/2018 22:53:48 by PastorZomok

Happy Easter. I am alone and going to work in several hours. It has been very depressing for me lately with several let downs but feel better by fasting for a few days now, which I will continue until Tuesday night. Yes it is the Easter season and the early church offered an alternate to the pagan feasts of Romans and the many hoards, after all God owns all the days and the Spring time is a time when much beauty rises out of seemingly dead things. A seed can only lead to fruit if it falls to the ground and dies. We see the pattern over and over again. We see it in nature. We see it even when a loved one passes on because it brings in new friends and creativity...but mostly we focus on the resurrection of Yeshua. Imagine how sadness turned to gladness in the hearts of the disciples. We must continue to spread the glory...

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Pastor Zomok

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04/17/2018 04:48:06

I hope you had a wonderful Easter..May God bless you always!!

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