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Some musings on Valentines day and Ash Wednesday
Posted On 02/15/2018 22:24:35 by PastorZomok

God has been likened to a grand weaver constantly weaving the tapestry of our lives. 

It has been two years since my mother passed on Ash Wednesday of 2016.  The obit says the 11th but it was actually the 10th. It is interesting that Ash Wednesday should be on the same day this year as Valentines Day.  It is not just Catholics that observe this Sacremental, which might include fasting.  Some abstain from many regular activities.  I decided to not drive anyplace as it seems I am driving too much, but I don't rub my forehead with ashes, still I gave Ash Wednesday a nod.

I strolled over to a little book store about three blocks away and did some browsing.  I found an interesting little gem titled, Natural Law in the Spiritual World, by Henry Drummond. The inside page indicated 1891. The natural laws are God's standard workings and descend from higher laws and this is a book that probably deals with this. I decided to purchase and head home. On the way back I seen a yard full of small crocus blooms.  Everyone had a lavender color.  After this I came upon another yard with some bright yellow crocus blooms.  I regretted not having a camera with me.

After I arrived home I started to think of a flowery piece of art so I decided on a "rose of Sharon" type of painting, which some suggest was actually a crocus, although the Hebrew just implies a flower so I went along with imagination and did the one above.  I tried oil pastel this time and it is not half bad.  At least my motivation comes from a Biblical book and nature instead of Valentines.

Pastor Zomok

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