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Tails will wag in Paradise
Posted On 12/15/2017 21:43:10 by PastorZomok

Over the last several months I have had friends lament about the death of a special cat or dog.  Along with this, some have asked about beloved dogs and other pets being with them in a future paradise.  Will the good Lord restore these beloved little ones too?  Although I am able to do so I generally choose to keep things brief and make a few keys points.  I do believe a persuasive case can be be made for the resurrection of, at least many, creatures and pets.

First I wish to make a point on the question sometimes heard, ''Do dogs have souls?''  In general when folks ask such a question I can tell that they do not know or understand the Biblical outlook about God's created creatures, including mankind.  If we look back into Genesis chapter 2, verse 7, we read that God breathed into the mans nostrils and the man became a Living Soul (Nepesh Chayah).  Nepesh can be translated as ''creature'' or ''being''.  Dogs and cats are also LIVING SOULS.  The soul is not some ghost inside of you.  You are a soul!  We as well as dogs and cats have been given the life principle...that breath of life, so we are living creatures.  Part of the misunderstanding is that Western thinking has crept into the church when we should be looking at things in a more concrete Hebrew philosophy. Another thing too is that people are not naturally immortal as only God is such (1 Timothy 6:16). We do not have Platonic Souls. 

Now with the above in mind we read that the Wages of Sin is death (Romans 6:23) but the gift of God through Christ is eternal life.  We can only be granted a life that can withstand the eons by Jesus.  He gives his sheep a quickened spirit (see John 10:27).  In other words a person has to believe (not abstractly, but concretely) like the apostles did to avoid death, however, those who are babes and no not sin, which includes dogs, have not earned the penalty of death.  Would God punish those that have never sinned?  Of course not.  Certainly not in an eternal sense if God is just.  The Lord is just and is a fair judge. God has obviously provided for creatures in a balanced way and even feeds the birds.  These lower creatures do not have the ability to believe in Christ but are innocent and have the ability to show love as any pet owner knows.

All through the Holy Scriptures we see how God has used animals in special ways and we know that some were present at the nativity of the babe Jesus, yet since Satanic rebellion the creation has suffered much but eventual restoration is coming (Romans 8:20-).  I would say that plenty of pets will be restored.

Pastor zomok

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