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Couples Bible Studies
Posted On 10/25/2017 16:59:55 by joshgreentree

Learning how to have a successful marriage is not something most people are taught how to do. Instead, most people receive hundreds and even thousands of hours of training on becoming successful in their careers but virtually no training on how to become successful in their marriage. And then we wonder why marriage can be so difficult. It's vital for couples to do multiple things to receive training for their relationship. A couples Bible study is a great place to begin and there are numerous helpful options to select from. Grounding your marriage in Scripture and God's perspective is the first step to having a healthy marriage. We must learn what it means to have a covenant based marriage. Our world promotes a contract marriage where we only stay committed as long as we feel in love and our needs are being met. The moment they aren't divorce becomes a viable option. That's not God's heart because He hates divorce. You owe it to yourself and your spouse to attend marriage seminars, such as couples retreats in Texas. Attending these types of events will provide much needed training to move your marriage from surviving to thriving. 

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11/04/2017 20:02:40

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