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Bread of the presence...
Posted On 10/08/2017 14:50:35 by PastorZomok


I always like to find new things about the Hebrew language, within the scriptures, that show the depth of what is being taught.  Men inspired by God were moved to write these things and they are for us to discover.

I was examining Exodus 25:23-24, where it describes a table of acacia wood and some of the items associated with it.  The table was to be part of the tent tabernacle furniture.  I noticed this clause, "And you shall set the Bread of the Presence on the table before me always." and I had to check the Hebrew.  When I did this I found something interesting but it made sense because of the concrete nature of the the early Hebrew language. I found the word face "panim" in place where I expected presence, in other words, it was "bread of the face".  What is happening here is that if you are in the presence of God then you are face to face.  If you are close to someone or speaking to them then you are probably very much in their presence and vice-versa.  One can see how concrete the Hebrew is.

Although much more can be said about this the purpose here is to point out that God is always close.  As the scriptures tell us "in God we move and have our being"- Acts 17:28...  Gods face is always looking toward us; God is always present.

Pastor Zomok

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