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Mark of the Beast vs Mark of the Lamb
Posted On 07/26/2017 03:20:05 by PastorZomok

A short Bible Study..

If you put "Mark of the Beast" into the Google search engine it will bring up millions of pages.  Almost all of these pages are useless and only add to something already controversial.  In the midst of this swirling debate a few have kept level heads.  They reveal that several aspects of this issue have been overlooked.

The Mark of the Beast is talked about plenty of times but very little is said about the Mark of the Lamb!  This mark is placed on the 144,000 which follow Jesus.  What is this Mark? According to the symbolic book of Revelation, and Chapter 7, its the name or seal of the Lamb, and placed on the forehead. It simply represents the fact that these individuals belong to Jesus and believe in him.  It also reflects their behavior.  It is not an actual tattoo or brand.  Every Christian has this mark.  With this in mind what are we to think of the Mark of the Beast?  It is a parody of the Mark of the Lamb!  It is counterfeit.  The "forehead" represents the beliefs and thoughts, whereas the "Right Hand," represents actions.  It has nothing to do with computer chips or implants, although a reasonable person would also avoid such implants. 

As for the 144,000 (Revelation 7), they (in my opinion) represent a complete True Israel.  The number is symbolic and represents Wholeness or Completeness.  (Multiply the 12 Apostle times the 12 tribes, times 1000 and you have 144,000.)  In the scriptures numbers are sometimes used in this manner.  A good example of this is found in Psalm 50:10.  There we learn that God owns the "cattle on a thousand hills". Clearly God owns all the cattle on all hills! Needless to say, the followers of Jesus are True Israel.

I hope I have opened up a few eyes on this subject.  I also hope that many will not be overly enthralled with teachers that promote misleading ideas.  These individuals, I feel, are into sensationalism and money gathering.  I will not call them dishonest and I will not call them Heretics but I am suspicious.......

pastor Zomok

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