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The Beatitudes
Posted On 06/03/2017 14:42:24 by PastorZomok

            &nb sp;      The Beatitudes

Truly happy are those who are poor in spirit for to them belongs the Kingdom of Heaven.

Truly happy are those in mourning for they will be comforted.

Truly happy are those who are gentle and don't brag for they will inherit the Earth.

Truly happy are those that hunger and thirst for what is just for they will be satisfied.

Truly happy are those that have mercy for others for God gives them mercy.

Truly happy are those that have a clean heart for they will see God.

Truly happy are the peace makers for they will be God's Children.

Truly happy are those who are persecuted for doing what is right for the Kingdom of God is theirs.  (Matthew 5:3-10)


In the wonderful Beatitudes the word translated "Blessed" or "Happy" is in Greek "Makarioi" and is close in meaning to the Hebrew "Ashrei".  It has been translated in several ways because it is hard to nail down its full meaning. When a person reads each of these they might be left wondering how can a person be truly blessed or happy if they are mourning or persecuted?  Perhaps a person can have a deeper joy and satisfaction that wells up at certain points or is timeless.  They may even have a special joy as they look toward what is eventually coming.

One thing about these blessed or truly happy souls is that they are in the proper frame of mind for the people of God are gentile and are for peace as well longing for justice to be done.  All these things go together.

Pastor Zomok

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06/03/2017 16:10:53

Amen!  Wonderful post!!

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